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Three Practical Ways to Develop High Converting Reps | Dayna Williams - 1788



What's the secret to improving your sales team's performance?  How can leaders create high-converting sales representatives? You want the answer to these questions, don't you? To find out, tune in to this episode of "The Sales Evangelist Podcast." Host Donald Kelly chats with special guest Dayna Williams about the secret tactics for developing highly converting sales reps. With over two decades of experience in sales training and enablement, Dayna shares valuable insights and unpacks how to steer your sales team toward success.  You know what to do now. Click play! Meet Our Guest: Dayna Williams Dayna brings 20 years of experience as a white-label consultant for top provider firms in the sales training and enablement sector.  Her vast exposure to heads of sales, sales managers, co-founders, and CEOs has given her a unique perspective on widespread issues in the industry.  Through her book, "The Diligence Fix," Dayna encapsulates the universal pain points of sales organizations and offers a top-down solu