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Enabling Sellers to Become Buyer-Centric with Business Acumen | Candace Taber - 1787



Do you struggle to connect with executive decision-makers despite knowing you have the solutions they need?  In this episode of “The Sales Evangelist Podcast,” host Donald Kelly speaks with Candace Taber, a maestro of sales enablement whose insights into the alchemy of effective selling are nothing short of transformative. Candace doesn’t just sell; she evangelizes with wisdom, empathy, and a deep understanding of the elusive art of buyer-centric selling.  Let Candace guide you through the intricate dance of matching your pitch with the specific objectives of every stakeholder in the room. Click play now! About Candace Taber Candace Taber is a devoted wife, mother, and sales enablement leader focusing on equipping sales leaders to amplify their impact.  With a firm belief that leadership is the cornerstone of effective sales enablement, Candace dedicates herself to preparing leaders to excel in their roles and create force multipliers within their organizations. Foundations of Effective Sales Enabl