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What Could Prevent Us From Working Together? | Donald Kelly - 1785



Are you tired of pouring your heart into sales deals only to watch them fizzle out at the eleventh hour? There's nothing more frustrating than a deal that stalls, especially when it is just within your grasp.  But what if you could pinpoint why your deals are stalling and prevent it before it happens?  In this episode of "The Sales Evangelist Podcast," host Donald Kelly shares a pivotal question that too many sales professionals overlook. Listen now to prevent your next sale from stalling and set yourself up for a cascade of successful closes! The Stall Deal Dilemma Donald shares his insight into a common pitfall where sales professionals are left in the dark, wondering what went wrong.  He unveils that critical question you might not be asking—one that can make the difference between a deal stalling or sailing smoothly through your pipeline. Mastering Communication: Asking the Right Question Donald emphasizes the importance of this essential yet often overlooked question: "What do you see that could