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Dear Prudence: I Lost a Lot of Weight and Now I Enjoy Being a Mean Girl. Help!



In this episode, Anna Sale (host of Death Sex and Money) joins Prudie (Jenée Desmond-Harris) to answer letters from readers about how to navigate being the friend who always initiates plans, how to handle entitled stepdaughters moving into your home, and how to stop being a mean girl to other moms. If you want more Dear Prudence, join Slate Plus, Slate’s membership program. Jenée answers an extra question every week, just for members.  Go to to sign up. It’s just $15 for your first three months.  This podcast is produced by Se’era Spragley Ricks, Daisy Rosario, and Jenée Desmond-Harris, with help from Maura Currie. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit