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5 Step Framework For Turning Connections Into Relationships on LinkedIn | Sabine Gedeon - 1784



One of the most common mistakes people make when using LinkedIn is not taking the time to build authentic relationships.  Don’t go adding hundreds of connections to your LinkedIn profile. Instead, do this! Listen to this insightful episode of “The Sales Evangelist Podcast,” host Donald Kelly chats with guest Sabine Gedeon on the world of LinkedIn networking. Sabine shares her extensive experience and lays down a five-step process to leverage LinkedIn for effective relationship-building and networking.  Click play now! Meet Sabine Gedeon  Sabine is the CEO of Gedeon Enterprises. She is also a coach, consultant, speaker, and author.  Remember to connect with her on LinkedIn to learn about her. Evolution of LinkedIn  Sabine takes us through the history of LinkedIn, from its original use as a platform for recruiters to its transformation into a hub for marketing, networking, and community building.  She emphasizes the need for people, especially HR professionals, to engage more actively on the pl