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Ayurvedic Insights: Empowering Your Mind



#689: Today, we're exploring the power of choice for protecting your mind, as seen through the lens of Ayurveda—the ancient Indian system of medicine and wellness.   Anxiety Slayer is sponsored by BetterHelp  How is your social battery right now? Are you feeling energetic or ready to recharge? Sometimes people pleasing can make you feel worn out due to a lack of boundaries or maybe you’ve been a bit more solitary during the winter months. It can be easy to ignore our social battery and spread ourselves thin – especially with social gatherings picking up after the winter. What’s the right amount of socializing for you? And how do you recharge? Maybe you thrive around people, or maybe you need some more alone time. Therapy can give you the self-awareness to build a social life that doesn’t make you feel depleted. Therapy is helpful for setting boundaries; it empowers you to be the best version of yourself; it isn’t just for those who’ve experienced major trauma. If you’re thinking of starting therapy, give Bett