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Personalized LinkedIn Connection Request or Not? | Donald Kelly - 1783



You're about to send a LinkedIn connection request, and the platform allows you to create a personalized message. Do you take the time to do it? Yes or no? If you choose not to do it, you must tune into this episode of "The Sales Evangelist Podcast." Even if you said yes, still click play. Host Donald Kelly delves into the ongoing debate surrounding LinkedIn connection requests. Should sales professionals personalize them or keep them generic?  Discover the importance of personalized connection requests and learn how to create meaningful conversations that can lead to sales opportunities. The Great LinkedIn Debate Donald addresses a common question among sales professionals: the importance of personalizing LinkedIn connection requests.  He debunks myths, points out common mistakes, and emphasizes the potential impact of a well-crafted, personalized approach. Personalized vs. Generic Requests Donald discusses why generic messages are ineffective and often ignored.  He advocates for personalized messa