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Listen To This If You Want To Live a RICH Life - Real Talk With Jimmy Rex



Ready to redefine richness beyond money? Join me and Jimmy Rex as we explore fulfillment over wealth. From vulnerability to transformative exercises, we delve into the heart of true richness. Tune in for real talk on creating a happier, purposeful life.IN TODAY’S EPISODE, I DISCUSS: -The transformative "step in the circle" exercise that initiates genuine connections-The journey of overcoming shame and guilt to embrace compassion and self-love-How our past mistakes and vulnerabilities pave the way for growth and a supportive communityCONNECT WITH JIMMY REX:Get to know more about Jimmy Rex: Get his book, You End Up Where You’re Heading: EPISODES FOR YOU If you liked this episode, you'll love these ones:Investment Taxes…What You Need to KnowDoing Nothing with Your Money Isn't An Option!Q&A Why Taking a 401K Loan Can Destroy Your Wealth RECOMMENDED VIDEOS FOR YOU If you liked this video, you'll love these ones: