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How to Breathe Through Grief | Claire Bidwell Smith



What if leaning into grief could lead to profound personal growth? My guest Claire Bidwell Smith, therapist and author of Conscious Grieving: A Transformative Approach to Healing from Loss, shares how engaging with your pain fully can uncover meaning and purpose. We discuss the gift hidden within life’s losses, how to healthily process complicated grief, the importance of rituals and community, continuing bonds with the deceased, and more. Claire explains how grief transformed her life after losing both parents young, leading her to her calling as a grief counselor. Discover why avoiding heartache only prolongs it, while courageously facing grief may just help you become your best self.You can find Claire at: Website | Instagram | Episode TranscriptIf you LOVED this episode you’ll also love the conversations we had with Megan Devine about feeling not okay after loss.Check out our offerings & partners: My New Book SparkedMy New Podcast SPARKED.Visit Our Sponsor Page For Great Resources & Discount