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Cold Emailing at Scale In 2024 | Vlad Oleksiienko - 1777



Are you ready to transform your cold email outreach strategy for 2024? In this episode of "The Sales Evangelist Podcast," host Donald Kelly speaks with Vlad Oleksiienko, a growth leader with extensive experience in sales development and cold outreach at scale. Vlad shares valuable insights into the evolving landscape of cold emailing in 2024 and beyond.  He focuses on the challenges and effective strategies for sales reps to scale their outreach efforts. Prepare to revolutionize your approach to cold emailing and propel your sales growth to new heights. Tune in to learn from the expert himself! The Challenges of Cold Emailing at Scale Vlad delves into the challenges faced by sales reps in the realm of cold outreach.  He highlights the evolving nature of email inboxes, the impact of AI-generated emails, and the growing demand for personalized and relevant communication from buyers. Tailoring Cold Outreach for Different Markets Vlad emphasizes the importance of tailoring cold outreach strategies b