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Fear is Your Path to a Life Fully Expressed with Farnoosh Torabi



What if I tell you that fear, yes, fear, can be your compass to a life fully unleashed and lived out loud?In today's fascinating chat with Farnoosh Torabi, we're cutting through the noise of financial fears and biases that hold us back. Farnoosh isn't just talking the talk; she's walked the walk, turning her fear into a blueprint for a fulfilled life with her book, A Healthy State of Panic. We're diving deep into her journey, from overcoming debt to embracing the role of being a financially successful woman in a relationship. Don't let another day slip by ruled by doubt. Tune in now, and let's conquer those fears together – it's your first step to freedom.IN TODAY’S EPISODE, I DISCUSS: Financial biases and personal narratives around moneyThe interconnection of money, life, and overcoming fearsStrategies for embracing fear and uncertainty in personal and financial growthCONNECT WITH FARNOOSH TORABIGet to know more about Farnoosh Torabi: https://farnoosh.tvFollow Farnoosh