Muscle for Life

Harry Barnes on Overcoming Fat Loss Plateaus



Are you doing everything right but still not seeing progress on the scale? If you're eating in a calorie deficit, training hard, and still not losing weight, don't worry—you're not alone. And more importantly, there are solutions. In this episode, I talk with Harry Barnes, who not only has 12 years of experience helping clients break through fat loss plateaus, but has been working with Legion’s One-on-One Coaching since its start in 2015, and now oversees a team of nearly 20 coaches as Legion’s Lead Coach. Harry’s problem-solving approach offers a fresh perspective on weight loss that prioritizes flexibility, self-awareness, and personal responsibility. In this interview, you'll learn . . . - Why personalized problem solving is more important than generic meal plans for fat loss - How to evaluate your entire lifestyle to identify subtle issues impeding your progress - Strategies for breaking through plateaus by optimizing nutrition, training, and cardio - Signs you might be overreaching in you