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#1 Performance Coach Reveals The Mindset You Need To Succeed | Ben Newman



Are you ready to elevate not just your game but your life? It's about lighting that inner fire and living with purpose!In today’s episode, I dive deep with Ben Newman, powerhouse coach and Wall Street Journal best-selling author, into what it takes to set the bar high and live up to it every single day. Ben shares heartfelt stories, including his mother's awe-inspiring battle with a rare disease, and how these personal experiences fuel his relentless drive. From the football field with Nick Saban to the boardrooms, he underscores the value of discipline, authenticity, and a 'never finished' attitude in leadership and success.Ready to ignite your "burn" and raise your standards? Press play on the full episode now!IN TODAY’S EPISODE, I DISCUSS: Ben Newman's philosophy on living by standards and the meaning of true leadershipHow successful leaders and high performers harness personal adversity to fuel their driveThe significance of sharing not just our victories but also our st