Authentic Living

Spiritual Abuse



Spiritual abuse is abuse of the human spirit—the place in human consciousness where we can most easily access the Divine, in whatever form we see the Divine. Spirituality is not a belief. It is not a thought. It is not a behavior or a group of behaviors. Spirituality is an experience. Typically, it is an experience of the Divine, or of a higher consciousness. The simple fact is that people are being robbed of such an experience when they are taught what and how to think, what to believe and what truth is and isn’t. Particularly, when people are taught that there is only one right religion, they are being secluded in an environment in which the possibility of having a spiritual experience is limited to that one religion. There are several other ways in which a person might be spiritually abused. If you are a religious or spiritual person, if you lead people in any kind of spiritual capacity, this show is for you.