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Protecting What Matters with Trent Shelton



Are you struggling to maintain your equilibrium in a world that constantly pushes your boundaries? How many times have you said "yes" when every fiber of your being was screaming "no"?In this heart-to-heart with Trent Shelton, we dive deep into the art of safeguarding what's truly vital—our peace. I'm stoked about Trent’s upcoming book, "Protect Your Peace," which adds a fresh perspective to the conversation on emotional well-being. Our honest discussions shed light on the challenging lessons surrounding trust, letting go, and the real struggle to maintain inner calm amid life's chaos.So, if you're ready to stop shuffling your feet at the edge of life's battlefield and start living your best life, this is one episode you've got to hear. Tune in, set your boundaries, and learn to protect what truly matters.IN TODAY’S EPISODE, I DISCUSS: The art of setting boundaries for personal growthChoosing peace over people-pleasingThe impactful strategies from Tr