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Dismantling Anxiety & Generational Trauma Through Mindfulness | Dan Harris



After an on-air panic attack, ABC anchor Dan Harris, author of the 10-year anniversary edition of "10% Happier,"  embarked on a quest to understand his lifelong anxiety. If you've ever experienced self-doubt, imposter syndrome, or a fear of coming undone, don't miss this uplifting conversation with Dan Harris on living more fully and freely.Harris traces generational roots back to a suicidal great-grandfather, realizing he could either be crushed by these demons or befriend them. This crisis set Harris on a quest that led to Buddhism, reshaping his mind through ancient tools and "mental rewiring." Now tattooed with his personal mantra, he shares the conversations that helped him tap into compassion. Harris reflects on transforming anxiety into awakening, befriending darkness to reveal inner light, and his journey to bestselling author and founder of the meditation company 10% Happier.You can find Dan at: Website | Instagram | Ten Percent Happier podcast | Episode TranscriptIf you LOVED this episode you’l