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The 25 Top Money Books I've Read (What I Learned)



Ready to enrich your financial knowledge with the top money books that have the power to change your money mindset? In this episode, I take you through the key books that have shaped my personal financial journey and that of my clients. From investment principles to mindset and psychology of money, I share the impactful takeaways from the 25 top money books I've read. Get ready to transform your relationship with money and gain valuable insights into wealth building, financial freedom, and the behavioral psychology behind financial decisions. Ready to build your own money machine and achieve financial liberation? Tune in to the full episode now!IN TODAY’S EPISODE, I DISCUSS:The principles of value investing and the importance of patience and disciplineThe concept of automating your financial life to build wealth effortlessly Key mindset and psychology principles that shape financial habits and attitudesRECOMMENDED EPISODES FOR YOU If you liked this episode, you'll love these ones:Create a Money Mach