Coaching For Leaders

665: How to Represent Your Team on LinkedIn, with Randelle Lenoir



Randelle Lenoir Randelle Lenior is a vice president at Fidelity Investments and a graduate of the Coaching for Leaders Academy. In this conversation, Randelle and I discuss how to utilize LinkedIn in order to showcase your team externally. Key Points Start small. Begin by posting about job opportunities or sharing articles and resources that will be useful for others. Even though you are also representing your organization, the relationships you build are yours and stay with you throughout your career. Establishing a larger “why” for a LinkedIn presence is important and invites others to want to join in to support the vision. Ask permission and allow team members to easily opt out — and people who don’t engage initially may decide to later. People are going to look you up anyway. By having a presence on LinkedIn, you set the narrative of what they perceive about you. Related Episodes How to Write a Killer LinkedIn Profile, with Brenda Bernstein (episode 285) How to Get Noticed on LinkedIn, wi