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Brain Health, Cognition & Mood with Nootropics Expert David Tomen



David Tomen’s journey with nootropic supplements began when he was diagnosed with Adult ADD and PTSD. After years of buying self-help books, being passed over for promotions, suffering from depression, and inability to focus. Ritalin helped turn his life and career around. But it didn’t last. A few short years later found David in the ER with a laundry list of symptoms. Neurologists tested him for early-onset Alzheimer’s and dementia which came back negative. Not only was David struggling with focus again but now he was dealing with complete memory loss, chronic fatigue, depression, and his business and marriage were in deep trouble. Fighting for his life, David again turned to nootropic supplements. With a methodically researched regimen of supplements and lifestyle changes, he was able to not only recover but to get his brain working better than ever before. After experiencing firsthand what nootropic supplements were capable of, David founded, wrote two books: Secrets of the Optim