Muscle for Life

How Katherine Lost 19 Lbs and Competed At Age 60



In this episode, I interview Katherine, a 60-year-old massage therapist who had struggled with her body composition until deciding to get in stage shape as a birthday challenge.  Even though she’s no stranger to fitness and had competed before, stress and lack of consistency caused her nutrition and training to suffer in recent years.  So, she signed up for Legion’s one-on-one coaching and started working with a Legion coach, which gave her the know-how and accountability she needed to succeed. In this interview, she offers her experience and best tips for sustainably getting leaner regardless of age, emphasizing why getting a customized plan and coach can make all the difference.  Tune in to learn how Katherine achieved her ultimate goal—standing victorious on the 60+ bikini stage—proving you’re never too old to achieve ambitious fitness goals. Timestamps: 0:00 - Please leave a review of the show wherever you listen to podcasts and make sure to subscribe! 3:42 - Starting Legion's coaching program and c