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Dr. Pak on Minimum Effective Dose Training



If you spend time in gyms or follow fitness influencers, you've likely encountered the mindset that more is better when it comes to training volume.  More sets, more reps, more time in the gym equals faster results. Right? Not necessarily. As with many areas of fitness and nutrition, the truth is more nuanced. Enter the concept of "minimum effective dose" training. Instead of constantly pushing the boundaries of training capacity and trying to maximize your progress, this approach focuses on the least amount of volume needed to drive meaningful progress. To dig into the details of this methodology, I'm joined by Dr. Patroklos “Pak” Androulakis-Korakakis. With a PhD focused on minimum effective training doses for strength gains and years of coaching experience, Dr. Pak has a deep understanding of the science and application of this topic. Throughout our discussion, you'll learn . . . What minimum effective dose training is and the major benefits it offers The surprising muscle-buildin