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Sam Miller on Managing Stress More Effectively



Is chronic stress holding back your progress towards your fitness goals? It’s possible.  While stress is a scapegoat for some (stress can’t make you fat, but eating too much food while stressed can), for others it’s too often overlooked in discussions about health and wellbeing.  In this podcast, Sam Miller returns to the podcast to shed light on the surprising impact of stress on your metabolism, muscle growth, and overall quality of life. He also offers practical advice for dealing with it, going beyond typical stress management tips. In case you’re not familiar with Sam, he’s a best-selling author with over 15 years of experience as a health, fitness, and nutrition coach, helping coaches and health professionals improve their clients’ results.  As an educator, podcaster, certified nutritionist, and licensed, board-certified health practitioner, he shares simple, strategic methods for physique and health transformation.  And because he recently penned a book called, Metabolism Made Simple, he’s the pe