Muscle for Life

Protein: How Low Can You Go Without Losing Muscle?



You’ve probably heard you need to eat a high protein for maintaining muscle.  But when life happens and eating a lot of protein isn't feasible, how does it affect our muscles? How low can we realistically go with daily protein without compromising our muscles? This episode dives deep into the science and strategies around our daily protein needs. Timestamps: 0:00 - Please leave a review of the show wherever you listen to podcasts and make sure to subscribe! 1:45 - What exactly is protein and why is it crucial for our muscles? 4:58 - Can we truly gain muscle with a minimal protein intake daily? 11:41 - Shop Legion Supplements Here: and use coupon code MUSCLE to save 20% or get double reward points! 14:51 - For seasoned athletes, does advanced training modify our protein needs? 16:53 - How do calorie deficits or surpluses change our daily protein requirements? 18:53 - If we skimp on protein for a few days, will our muscles suffer? 19:45 - Are there unexpected sources of protein in o