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Bret Contreras on Squats vs. Hip Thrusts for Glute Gains



If you want to grow your glutes, and you’ve looked around online for tips, you’ve almost certainly come across hip thrusts. But are they better than squats for getting a bigger butt? Should you do squats or hip thrusts?  Well, after years of speculation among booty-building enthusiasts, we now have a scientific study that directly compared hip thrusts and squats in terms of hypertrophy. And I thought, who better to discuss this study than “The Glute Guy” himself, Dr. Bret Contreras. Not only is Bret a glute training expert, but as the cherry on top (or should I say peach?), he was actually one of the head honchos involved in conducting the study. In case you're not familiar with Bret, he's a PhD in Sports Science, renowned researcher, educator, bestselling author, and a personal trainer for over two decades, whose title "The Glute Guy" reflects his unmatched expertise in lower body training, making him the foremost authority on building a great butt.  Our discussion includes . . . The