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WE'RE BACK FOR A SPECIAL EPISODE--Actor Sean Hayden Talks "Stage Combat"--The True Crime / Theater Podcast Everyone Should Be Listening To



HELLO THEATER PEOPLE!! For the first time in FIVE FREAKING YEARS I'm breaking the silence of the Theater People Universe to bring you a VERY SPECIAL episode. A few months ago, I discovered the podcast "Stage Combat"  it's a true crime style THEATER PODCAST in which actor Sean Hayden tells his TRUE horror story of being cast as a lead in the Goodspeed production of "Billy Elliot." It was a dream come true for him, until everything went wrong. I don't' want to give too much away here, but this is the kind of story we NEVER hear in the theater world--one in which an actor does the unthinkable by standing up for himself even when he knows it's going to cost him everything. For this very special episode, we're going to play episode 1 of "Stage Combat" and then stick around for my in-depth interview with Sean. You are not going to believe this story. And you're going to come away inspired. And I can't wait for you to  hear it!Binge all of season