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TES 001 - Creating a Business of Meaning



SUMMARY:There are societal rules like finishing college, taking a job in a large firm and working hard to get promoted. Following these may mean a lot of hectic schedules and an unhealthy lifestyle. Not everyone can follow these rules of the society. So in life, you may come across the question:Do I follow my dream or do I take the easy road?People do business for different reasons. Some do it to make a profit, some do it to steal money, and others do it because they care and want to have an impact, make a difference for people that their business influences.My Analyst FrameworkBeing an entrepreneur, doing business on some levels is easy. There are only two things that you have to manage in life: To manage, minimize and eliminate as much downsize risk as possible.To maximize potential and boost opportunities that comes in the picture.These are below the line stuffs that answer "The How" and "The What".Above the line is where you'll find a more important question and that is:Why are yo