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TES 002 - The 5 Keys to Mastering Your Business



SUMMARY:There are basic fundamental principles about business that you need to understand. Mastering your business requires mastering the basics. It will drive your business and escalate your success. There will be changes and shifts in market dynamics, legislation, preferences and other factors that influence a business. If you build a strong foundation for a business, we can easily respond to the changes that enable us to handles the downslopes and take advantages of new opportunities.Business Mastery Roadmap FrameworkWhen it comes to business, five basic things must be figured out.1. Marketing: Every business needs marketing and sales process. This is the process by which you will reach out to your customers.For marketing, these are required: ·       Customers: Who are your customers and what do they really want? We need to identify their habits, demographics, location and every other specific detail.·       Communication: Create messages that allow you to communicate with your target market from a logical