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TES 004 - How to Bring Your Product or Business to Life



In this session we talk about the three phases of business life which is the process I go through when I have to launch a new business or service. They are required to build a business but even before the three phases, get the concept of customer promise. Know how the life of customers will shift and change because of your work, products and services.Before your customers you must be truly, emotionally and passionately behind your products and services, and only then you will be able to create emotions in your customers, team and vendors.Now comes the three phases of business life which are:The Think Up Phase: You choose a design in this phase.The Get Up Phase: You literally move forward and start the business in this phase.The Reach Up Phase: The final phase that deals with scaling, growing and building.Each of these individual phases has three stages to them. If you are able to journal them and follow them as a check list you will be able to raise the probability and level of business success.1. Three Stage