Drama of the Week

Gaslight - Episode 1



Atmospheric drama from BBC Radio 4 with bonus scenes for BBC Sounds, featuring original music by Imelda May. Have you ever wondered where the term 'gaslighting' comes from? Find out in episode 1 of this dark reimagining of the classic 1938 stage thriller by Patrick Hamilton. To hear the series in full, just search for Gaslight in BBC Sounds. Jonathan Holloway's modern adaptation is set in the present, with a deliciously vintage feel. Jack Manningham has used his wife’s recently inherited money to buy a huge period property - a former bell foundry - which they will renovate. They occupy a small habitable part of the ground floor and basement. This previously neglected ramshackle building is lit by gas, as it was in Victorian times. In this first episode, Jack and Bella find a house that suits them and there's a lot riding on the screening of their latest film. Cast in order of appearance: Tippi Griffiths ..... Lacey Turner Jack Manningham ..... James Purefoy Bella Harding ..... Rebecca Night Ishani Rawe