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224 : 5 Tips for a Stand Out Ad Page with Sherri Owens of Sassy Ink Designs



In this video, we discuss the importance of branding for pageant ad pages. From creating a strong personal brand to leveraging social media, we share tips and strategies for standing out in the pageantry competition. Whether you're a seasoned pageant veteran or a first-time contestant, these tips will help you showcase your unique strengths and personality! If you're looking to take your pageant game to the next level, this episode is a must-watch! Sherri Owens has been involved in the pageant industry for past 20 years. She has competed, coached and judged pageants throughout the southeast. Due to her experience, talent and education (earning her B.A. in graphic design/marketing), she can provide a unique perspective for your pageant design needs. Sherri specializes in designing everything you may need such as program ads, social media designs, logos for yourself or community work, platform/bio sheets and autograph cards.   Subscribe: Apple | Google | Spotify | Stitcher | YouTube  Connect with Alycia Darby: