Mental Health: Mastering Mindset To Improve Happiness And Handle Any Mental Health Crises

  • Autor: Mathias L. Cope
  • Narrador: Jesse Gross
  • Editor: Author's Republic
  • Duración: 0:25:39
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How is your mental health at present?

Is it all it could be, or could you be happier?

Could you handle it if you suddenly faced a mental health crisis?

Our mental health can be incredibly fragile and easily come off the rails at any moment. Almost any significant change can affect it and with busy lives and careers there is more scope for things to go wrong than ever before. So is your mind fit to face the challenge.

Inside of this audiobook, Mental Health: Mastering Mindset to Improve Happiness and Handle Any Mental Health Crises, you will find new ways to help you cope with mental health issues that crop up, with chapters that look at:

- Mental Health Basics

- Are you Resilient?

- Take Good Care of Yourself

- Healthy Relationships

- Risk Factors

- When Do You Need to See a Professional?

The importance of looking after our mental health cannot be overstated and it is incumbent on each of us to ensure that we do all we can to keep our minds fit and active.

Mental Health is a audiobook that takes a pragmatic approach to helping you achieve this. Download a copy today and see how it can help you!