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Inspiring messages from our weekly gatherings at Destiny Church Edinburgh. Hear Peter Anderson and others unpack the great truths of the Bible.


  • Your defining moment


    Joseph Kobo is Nelson Mandela's Nephew and the former military commander of the ANC. Joseph was former a terrorist and because of his activities with the ANC in South Africa ended up in solitary confinement. It was in solitary confinement that Joseph had an experience with God that was to change the rest of his life. Having being miraculously released from prison Joseph went on to become a church leader. Today Joseph oversees more than 40,000 people in churches in the Transky area of South Africa.

  • Exposing evolution


    John Mckay is the leader of an organisation called Creation Research Network. Based in Australia John is an expert in fossils and archaeology. As a creationist John argues scientifically for the accuracy of the Bible?s account of creation. In John?s messages he also gives space for questions and answers where he discusses his views with people who disagree with him.

  • From tobacco farmer to preacher


    In this message Peter Pretorius describes his life story how having being a tobacco farmer and formula one driver his life was remarkably changed. Peter and his wife Ann literally left everything to pursue the call that God had for their lives. They also head up an aid organisation based in Africa where they feed, clothe and educate nearly a million children a day. Peter and Ann spearhead evangelistic crusades across the continent of Africa.

  • Loving my Muslim neighbour


    Julyan Lidstone is the OM regional overseer for Central and South East Asia. Julyan works extensively among Muslims in many hostile parts of the world. In this message Julyan provokes Christians to have love for Muslims and understanding towards Muslims but at the same time Julyan discusses the differences between the Christian faith and the Islamic faith.

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