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Mel Abraham from The Entrepreneur's Solution reveals all of his business and entrepreneur building strategies. Discover how to design, create and build your business so it gives you the life and lifestyle you want. Mel believes that businesses are started to create community, support society and live your dreams. It is all about creating a life of freedom and peace of mind. Mel is a CPA by education but an entrepreneur by exhilaration and a true believer in the entrepreneurial way of life. It is through entrepreneurship that we create community, support society and live our dreams. It is where possibility meets reality again and we can bring our dreams out of the darkness and breath life into them again. Mel has built, bought and sold successful businesses for decades and is currently a strategic mentor and board member for many businesses. As Founder of Business Breakthrough Academy he’s a committed advocate for the entrepreneurial way and provides real education, to real entrepreneurs for creating a real life! Actionable strategies for entrepreneurs, solopreneurs and other businesses.


  • My Brutal Advice To Someone Who Wants Financial Freedom

    13/06/2024 Duración: 23min

    Do you dream of financial freedom but find yourself drowning in debt and money stress? It's time to break free and claim what’s rightfully yours!In today’s episode, I share my brutal, no-nonsense advice on achieving financial freedom. I delve into the societal taboos around money, the misconceptions that hold us back, and the steps you must take to build a life by choice. Learn how to start with your lifestyle desires, put a price tag on your dreams, and cultivate habits that lead to long-term wealth. From investing priorities to the critical milestone of your first $100K, I cover it all to set you on the path to becoming an affluent entrepreneur.Ready to stop living on the sidelines and start playing the game? Tune in to the full episode now!IN TODAY’S EPISODE, I DISCUSS: -Why financial freedom is your birthright and how to claim it- The societal taboos around money and their impacts- Defining your life vision and putting a price tag on itRECOMMENDED EPISODES FOR YOU If you liked this episode, you'

  • What It's Like To Have An Automatic Money Machine

    10/06/2024 Duración: 26min

    Ever wondered what it’s like to have an automatic money machine? In today's episode, I dive deep into the concept of creating a money machine that can separate your ability to earn from the direct effort it takes to earn.Join me as I share pivotal moments from my life that led to this revelation. From witnessing my hero, my father, struggle with finances, to realizing that making money isn't just about the dollars in the bank but about freedom and control over my life. This journey led me to explore how to strategically use time and money to build a sustainable wealth-generating system.In this episode, I discuss strategies to leverage your time and money to create a financial life aligned with your goals, allowing you to live with freedom and purpose. Don’t miss out on learning how to turn your financial stress into financial freedom!IN TODAY’S EPISODE, I DISCUSS: The emotional triggers that led to my financial journeyThe transformative power of separating income from hours workedSteps to build your

  • How to Save YOUR First $100k (My Savings Framework)

    06/06/2024 Duración: 21min

    Are you ready to build your first $100,000 in wealth? It's not just a dream—it's doable with the right framework!In today’s episode, I dive deep into the strategies you need to save your first $100,000. I explain why the initial hundred thousand is the hardest to accumulate and how it accelerates from there. Then, I introduce my WEALTH framework—work the plan, enhance your income, allow for emergencies, lower your debt load, get tactical with your investing, and harness your resources. These actionable steps will help you get on the pathway to financial success.Want to make the leap towards financial freedom and see your money work harder for you? Tune in to the full episode now!IN TODAY’S EPISODE, I DISCUSS: -Why the first $100,000 is the hardest to save-The exponential nature of wealth creation-The six-step WEALTH framework for building your first $100,000RECOMMENDED EPISODES FOR YOU If you liked this episode, you'll love these ones:Are You Really Living a Rich Life or a Bankrupt One?A New Pa

  • How to Become a Millionaire with a Low Income

    03/06/2024 Duración: 26min

    Are you ready to discover how you can become a millionaire even with a low income? It’s not just a dream, it's within reach!In today’s episode, I break down the myth that you need a high income to build wealth. Using the inspirational story of Ronald Reed, a janitor who amassed an $8 million estate, I illustrate how ordinary, everyday actions can lead to extraordinary financial results. I'll walk you through the four wealth drivers you need to master: controlling your income, maximizing your savings rate, achieving solid returns, and leveraging time. Plus, I share the essential traits and behaviors that most millionaires have in common.Want to take control of your financial destiny and start your journey to millionaire status? Tune in to the full episode now!IN TODAY’S EPISODE, I DISCUSS: -The inspiring journey of Ronald Reed and his extraordinary financial success-The four wealth drivers matrix and why it’s crucial for building wealth-The exponential importance of time in your investment strategyRE

  • Why You Need To Start Buying Freedom, Not Things

    30/05/2024 Duración: 17min

    Ready to break free from the endless cycle of consumerism and start buying freedom instead of things? In this episode of the The Affluent Entrepreneur Show, I delve into the importance of shifting our perspectives from spending on material items to investing in our long-term joy and financial liberation. Discover how societal pressures, constant marketing, and comparison culture can lead us astray, and learn actionable steps to move towards a life of intentional spending and ultimate freedom.Join me on this journey to financial liberation and intentional living. Together, let's pave the way to an affluent life filled with meaning, impact, freedom, and peace. IN TODAY’S EPISODE, I DISCUSS: - Understanding the four elements of affluence beyond just money- Transitioning from a "have to" life to a "get to" life filled with choices and possibilities- Practical strategies to tackle debt, save smarter, and invest in yourself for a brighter financial futureRECOMMENDED EPISODES FOR YOU If you

  • How To (Actually) Build Multiple Streams Of Income

    27/05/2024 Duración: 26min

    Are you ready to finally understand how to build multiple streams of income and secure your financial future? Discover the secrets of diversification and leverage!In today's episode, I dive deep into the necessity of having multiple streams of income and how it's more crucial than ever. I break down my five income framework, showing you how to move from active income to leveraging business, asset-based, residual, and portfolio income. Learn from my personal journey and see how creating various income streams can safeguard your financial stability, especially during life's unpredictable moments.Want to create a money machine and achieve true financial freedom? Tune in to the full episode now!IN TODAY’S EPISODE, I DISCUSS: The importance of income diversification and reducing financial riskThe five income framework: Active, Business, Asset-Based, Residual, and Portfolio IncomeStrategies to start with one income stream and build additional streams step by stepRECOMMENDED EPISODES FOR YOU If you li

  • 7 BIG Investing Regrets (as a Certified Public Accountant)

    23/05/2024 Duración: 25min

    Do you ever wonder what the biggest investing regrets might be from someone who's a Certified Public Accountant? Well, you're in luck!In today’s episode, I get real and candid about my own investment journey, sharing the seven biggest investing regrets I've had over the years. From not being curious about wealth early on to blindly following advisors, I lay it all out to help you avoid making the same costly mistakes.We dive deep into the importance of getting curious about wealth, understanding the real meaning of retirement, and the massive impact of starting to invest early. I also discuss the perils of getting too complicated too soon and the dangers of letting emotions drive your decisions. Plus, why it's crucial to stay in the market despite your fears and the importance of talking about and teaching financial literacy more openly.Want to learn from my mistakes and secure your financial future more confidently? Tune in to the full episode now!IN TODAY’S EPISODE, I DISCUSS: - Being cu

  • ETF Investing For Beginners (And Novices Too)

    20/05/2024 Duración: 32min

    Curious about ETF and index fund investing but feeling lost in the maze of financial jargon? You're not alone, and I'm here to make it simple!In today’s episode, I demystify the world of ETFs and index funds, providing you with a clear roadmap to start investing smartly. I explain why it's crucial to begin investing now, laying out the wealth creation curve and the virtues of patience and discipline. You'll learn why focusing on overall returns and playing the long game is paramount, and how avoiding emotional decisions and market hype can save you from financial pitfalls.I also shed light on the importance of keeping your investment fees low, and why consistency in your investing habits pays off, regardless of market fluctuations. We'll delve into various portfolio options like single, two, three, and four fund strategies, catering to different risk tolerances and financial goals.For those just dipping their toes into the investment world, I recommend starting with ETFs and index fun

  • 9 Financial Goals You Must Hit by 50

    16/05/2024 Duración: 30min

    Are you gearing up to hit essential financial milestones by age 50? It's not just about getting there; it's about paving a clear path to secure your future!In today’s episode, I dive deep into the nine financial goals you should achieve by the time you turn 50. From understanding the importance of liquidity and eliminating destructive debt to establishing a robust protection plan with insurances and wills, I cover the crucial steps to ensure you're on track for financial freedom. I also share insights on why aligning your family with your financial goals is vital and the significance of instilling the right values over merely accumulating assets.Ready to assess where you stand and adjust your sails towards a more secure future? Tune in to the full episode now!IN TODAY’S EPISODE, I DISCUSS: The necessity of building an emergency fund that covers 9-18 months of expensesStrategies to tackle and eliminate both destructive and productive debt by age 50Creating a protective shield with the right insu

  • Dividend Investing For Beginners

    13/05/2024 Duración: 19min

    Are you ready to dive into the world of dividend investing and understand how it can play a part in achieving your financial freedom?In today’s episode, I guide you through the essentials of dividend investing tailored for beginners. We'll explore what dividend investing involves, the benefits of receiving regular payouts, and how dividends can contribute to building your financial portfolio. From the fundamental concepts of dividend payout ratios to the potential impacts on your overall investment returns, I cover everything you need to get started.Want to kickstart your journey towards building a robust investment portfolio that not only appreciates but also pays you? Tune in to the full episode now!IN TODAY’S EPISODE, I DISCUSS: The basics of dividend investing and its role in your financial strategyHow companies decide on paying dividends and the significance of dividend payout ratiosUnderstanding dividend yields and how they affect your investment decisionsRECOMMENDED EPISODES FOR YOU If you liked t

  • How To Manage Your Money Like The 1%

    09/05/2024 Duración: 19min

    Are you ready to dive into the secrets of managing your money like the ultra-wealthy? It's not about amassing wealth but managing it smartly!In today’s episode, I unravel the habits and strategies of the top 1%, showing you how they manage their money to build and sustain their wealth. From real-life insights on budgeting to investing wisely, you'll discover how these economic trendsetters focus on more than just their earnings. I delve deep into the mindset and mechanisms that drive their financial success and how you can apply these principles to your own life.Want to transform your approach to money and carve your path to financial freedom? Tune in to the full episode now!IN TODAY’S EPISODE, I DISCUSS: Building a "cash resource plan” over simple budgetingThe importance of having a vivid vision and a robust financial planExecuting strategies like the “wealth priority ladder” to maximize your investmentsRECOMMENDED EPISODES FOR YOU If you liked this episode, you'll love these ones:My Mone

  • Why You Need To Stop Chasing Passive Income

    06/05/2024 Duración: 21min

    Are you tired of chasing the elusive dream of passive income? It's time to get real about building wealth!In today’s episode, I debunk the myths surrounding passive income and explain why it might be steering you away from genuine financial success. I delve into the realities of income generation, highlighting the crucial difference between passive and leveraged income. From the dangers of social media misconceptions to the essential efforts required in managing money, I cover it all. This discussion will shift your perspective from passive to proactive wealth building.Ready to learn how to build a resilient, thriving financial future without falling into the passive income trap? Tune in to the full episode now!IN TODAY’S EPISODE, I DISCUSS: Why passive income is more of a fantasy than a feasible strategyThe truth about the effort needed to build and maintain wealthUnderstanding leveraged income and how you can realistically achieve it through various levels of engagementRECOMMENDED EPISODES FOR YOU If y

  • Why the middle class won't become rich (unless you do this)

    02/05/2024 Duración: 30min

    Are you feeling stuck in the middle class maze, wondering if you'll ever make your way to financial freedom? Let's shake things up a bit!In today's episode, I dive deep into why the middle class often struggles to reach wealth and how you can break this cycle. I discuss the critical shifts in mindset and action needed to escape financial mediocrity. From understanding the importance of discussing money openly to recognizing the power of strategic investments and multiple income streams, I guide you through the essential steps towards building your money machine.Ready to transform your financial destiny and start building true wealth? Tune in to the full episode now!IN TODAY’S EPISODE, I DISCUSS: - The detrimental "payment game" and how to avoid this common trap- Building liquidity as a foundation for financial security and opportunity- Strategies to separate your effort from your earnings to maximize financial growthRECOMMENDED EPISODES FOR YOU If you liked this episode, you'll l

  • Why The First $100k Is The Hardest (It Gets Easier)

    29/04/2024 Duración: 30min

    Are you struggling to hit that first $100k milestone in your financial journey? It's not just a number; it's a crucial stepping stone to future wealth!In today’s episode, I dive deep into why earning your first $100,000 is the hardest but most transformative part of building sustainable wealth. I share personal anecdotes, the setbacks I faced, and actionable strategies to overcome the common hurdles that might be holding you back. From understanding the psychological barriers to effectively managing your lifestyle creep, I cover all bases to help set you on the right path.Want to break through the financial noise and accelerate your journey to $100k? Tune in to the full episode now!IN TODAY’S EPISODE, I DISCUSS: - The significant psychological hurdles in early wealth-building stages- Practical tips to avoid lifestyle inflation and maintain financial discipline- The critical role of insurance and proper risk management in safeguarding your growing assetsRECOMMENDED EPISODES FOR YOU If you liked this

  • Investing Advice People Don't Want You To Hear

    25/04/2024 Duración: 21min

    Are you tired of hearing the same old rapid-fire investment tips that promise overnight riches, but leave you feeling like you're gambling with your life savings?In today's episode, I dive deep into the real talk of investing – the sustainable, no-nonsense strategies that actually build lasting wealth. I'm here to tell you that your journey to financial freedom should be more of a marathon than a sprint. Forget the adrenaline rush; it's about slow, consistent growth over time. Whether the economy is soaring or crashing, these principles hold firm.Ready to learn about the wealth-building advice nobody seems to want to hear but everyone needs to know? Tune in to this eye-opening discussion, and let's straighten out those investment myths.IN TODAY’S EPISODE, I DISCUSS: -Why wealth creation is less about the size of your paycheck and more about your habits and decisions-The astonishing stats on how most millionaires are self-made and didn't rely on large -salaries-The significance of

  • [ADVISOR REVEALS] 9 Signs You're Doing Well Financially (Even if you don't feel it)

    22/04/2024 Duración: 24min

    Want to uncover the signs that you are truly excelling in your financial life—even if it doesn't always feel that way?In this episode, I guide you through the often-overlooked indicators that you're succeeding with your money. It's easy to get caught up in external definitions of success, but I offer you a fresh perspective on genuine financial wellness. From internal game focus to quiet asset accumulation, you'll discover the nine crucial signs that show you're on a promising financial path.Ready to assess your financial health and confirm you're on the right trajectory? Listen to the full episode now!IN TODAY’S EPISODE, I DISCUSS: The importance of playing an internal, not external, financial gameThe power of quiet asset accumulation versus loud wealthThe benefits of having a clear financial process and principlesRECOMMENDED EPISODES FOR YOU If you liked this episode, you'll love these ones:What to Do Today to Pay Less Tax and Keep More MoneyWhich is Better High Yield Savi

  • Why Your 9-5 Won't Make You Rich (unless you do this)

    18/04/2024 Duración: 21min

    Are you tired of the 9-5 grind and feel like it's a barrier to achieving wealth? Think again!In this eye-opening episode, I dive deep into the common misconception that a traditional job means financial mediocrity. I discuss the mindset shifts and strategic actions necessary to turn your 9-5 into a launching pad for wealth creation. From utilizing employer benefits effectively to understanding the power of consistent investing, I guide you through an approach that could significantly inflate your financial balloon.IN TODAY’S EPISODE, I DISCUSS: The mistaken belief that 9-5 jobs cannot lead to wealth and why this attitude holds many backLearning to leverage the benefits that come with 9-5 employmentThe step-by-step wealth priority ladderRECOMMENDED EPISODES FOR YOU If you liked this episode, you'll love these ones:My Greatest Money Lesson Came from a 6-Year OldShould I Rent or Buy a HomeWhat to Do If You Think You’re Gonna Get Laid OffRECOMMENDED VIDEOS FOR YOU If you liked this video, you'll lo

  • How To Turn Your Skills into a Profitable Product Business w/ Jacqueline Snyder

    15/04/2024 Duración: 46min

    Looking to monetize beyond services? Let's unlock prosperity with products! Join entrepreneur Jacqueline Snyder as we explore creating physical products aligned with your strengths and customer needs. From workbooks to branded merchandise, discover how to boost your brand's income potential. Ready to dive into the world of products?IN TODAY’S EPISODE, I DISCUSS: -The critical steps to identifying what your clients truly need and how to enhance their experience-Differentiation strategies to find and own your niche-Jacqueline's personal journey from fashion mogul to product guruCONNECT WITH JACQUELINE SNYDER:Get to know more about Jacqueline Snyder: RECOMMENDED EPISODES FOR YOU If you liked this episode, you'll love these ones:My Money Planning Process to Achieve Your GoalsHow to Get the Right CPA & Why It MattersDemystifying Your Credit Score & Does It MatterRECOMMENDED VIDEOS FOR YOU If you liked this video, you'll love these ones:My Money Plann

  • Why Everyone Is Broke (In A Rich Country)

    11/04/2024 Duración: 22min

    Feeling financially strained in a wealthy nation? It's not just about income; it's how you manage it! In this episode, I explore why many struggle despite decent earnings. From paycheck-to-paycheck living to debt acceptance and chasing excess, I delve into cultural and psychological factors fueling financial woes. Tune in to understand common pitfalls thinning our wallets.IN TODAY’S EPISODE, I DISCUSS: The psychological beliefs about money that lead to financial hardshipThe critical difference between income and money managementHow societal norms and behaviors encourage financial struggle and debt accumulationRECOMMENDED EPISODES FOR YOU If you liked this episode, you'll love these ones:Create a Money Machine for Financial FreedomMy Greatest Money Lesson Came from a 6-Year Old7 Money Excuses That'll Keep You Broke!RECOMMENDED VIDEOS FOR YOU If you liked this video, you'll love these ones:Create a Money Machine for Financial Freedom: My Greatest Money Lesso

  • How Poverty Was the Stepping Stone to Success & Service - Gabriel Sanchez

    08/04/2024 Duración: 01h05min

    Embark on an inspiring journey with Gabriel Sanchez, who transformed adversity into purpose. From poverty to success, his story resonates with personal growth and giving back. Discover his path from street vendor to president of a mental wellness company. Learn how he overcame obstacles to make a difference, particularly in underprivileged areas of Chiapas, Mexico. Tune in to explore how challenges can lead to a life of service and meaning.IN TODAY’S EPISODE, I DISCUSS:  Gabriel's transformative choice to leave a prosperous legal career for a purpose-driven life.-Real-life stories of overcoming barriers and the significant impact of educational support programs.RECOMMENDED EPISODES FOR YOU If you liked this episode, you'll love these ones:The 25 Top Money Books I've Read (What I Learned)Traditional Financial Advice Doesn't Work for EntrepreneursBuild Wealth & Live a Rich Life at Any Age (My so n's journey) RECOMMENDED VIDEOS FOR YOU If you liked this video, you'll love these

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