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Noted sex columnist, author and all around potty mouth Lora Somoza is jumping into the sack with you for a little afternoon delight. Each week the "Bliss in the Bedroom" author and Huffington Post columnist explores the trends, trysts and troubles under America’s covers. Lora invites a WIDE variety of guests to discuss tantalizing topics that would make your mother blush. From fetishes to f******o, libido levels to lingerie and every topic in between, you're promised a good time. Let’s dive in, shall we? Uncensored. Unedited. Underwear optional. Between the Sheets with Lora Somoza: Don’t take a shower just yet. It’s going to get dirty. For more, visit


  • Episode 012: "Are we easy or experienced?" - November 3, 2010


    Are we easy or experienced? Free spirited or givin' it up for free? What constitute a slut? Blogger Nick Holmes joins Lora and Danielle to discuss how many partners is too many, the man whore and why waiting for date #3 makes you an asshat.

  • Episode 011: "Punk Porn Princess" - October 27, 2010


    Punk Porn Princess Joanna Angel joins Lora, Danielle, and Amanda for some girl on girl on girl on girl action. Topics run from female ejaculations to unicorns. the how-to’s of anal sex and why every butt is like a snowflake.

  • Episode 010: "Keeping our sex lives lively" - October 20, 2010


    Ah, What we do to keep our sex lives lively. No really, what DO we do to keep our sex lives lively? Lora and Danielle are joined by comedian Nader to talk about the good stuff, the bad stuff and the just plain weird stuff couples do to keep their relationships passionate. Find out why Persians enjoy the backsides, Fabio kills the dirty talk and why the phrase, "get a room" may keep you out of jail.

  • Episode 009: "Exotic Peep" - October 13, 2010


    From peep shows to exotic dancers, pornography to phone sex, the sex industry is constantly reinventing itself. This week, we talk about its latest evolution with Travis Flastad, owner of IP4Play, an online and on your phone video sex chat service. He and one of his hottest models, adult film actress and model Miko, talk "Sex Skype-ing" to Saudi Arabia, the benefits of being "video serviced" for couples and what makes Ninja Turtles so damn hot.

  • Episode 008: "Show-n-Tell" - October 6, 2010


    Kristen from our FAVORITE store, The Pleasure Chest, stops by to put on a special Show-n-Tell. Join Lora, Danielle and Amanda as they get up close and personal with the latest and greatest SEX TOYS. Learn why a hitachi and not a diamond is a girl's best friend and why when Fonzie says "sit on it" you may be thinking of a little stainless steel friend.

  • Episode 007: "Wonderful world of sex scandals" - September 29, 2010


    Political Satirist Adam Carl joins Lora and Danielle to discuss Politics, Religion and the wonderful world of sex scandals. We examine the passion priests, women who stand by their cheating men and the burdens of a wide stance.

  • Episode 006: "Masturbation" - September 22, 2010


    Comedian Sam Tripoli joins Lora, Danielle and Amanda to talk about a subject near and dear to everyone's heart (especially Christine O'Donnell's!) Masturbation! Don't miss why "anal" is SO last year and why every guy needs to learn the "Avatar" move in bed.

  • Episode 005: "All things oral" (Part 2) - September 15, 2010


    Lora, Danielle and Amanda get down and dirty, discussing tips for great oral sex, pet peeves in the sack and a little something called "Nad Nog."

  • Episode 004: "All things oral" (Part 1) - September 8, 2010


    Danielle Stewart and Amanda Hyde are back for a discussion on all things oral (except Oral Robert and oral surgery). Also in the mix: Abercrombie and Fitch models, Barbie doll sex and the horrors of "air pockets." (Part 1 of 2)

  • Episode 003: "It’s Just Sex" - September 1, 2010


    Comedienne and creator of Danielle Stewart pops in to talk dirty about talking dirty in bed, learning how to communicate in the sack and how to get what you want from your partner.

  • Episode 002: "All things Burlesque" - August 25, 2010


    Augusta Avallone joins the fun and talks all things Burlesque. Avallone, aka, Penny Starr Jr., the award winning burlesque dancer shares the history of Burlesque, how to get around those pesky obscenity laws and just how those tassels stay "there". Augusta Avallone

  • Episode 001: "Waxing poetic" - August 18, 2010


    Waxing poetic with waxer/facialist Amanda Hyde.On the menu: All things pubic, the history of downtown trends from Egyptians to present day, The wonderful world of Merkins, aka "crotch wigs" and why an 80 year old takes it all off before camping. Amanda Hyde

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