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A resource for physical therapists and other clinicians who deliver conservative (non-invasive/non-operative) care to patients with musculoskeletal disorders and who empower them to relieve, control and prevent pain and limitation. My goal is to provide the best content from todays leaders in manual and mechanical care, ultimately to improve your patient care.


  • Episode 380 - Lorimer Moseley: Explain Pain; A pain neuroscience education book

    19/09/2022 Duración: 57min

    In episode 380 of the Mechanical Care Forum, we’re continuing with season 12 and we’re spotlighting important books related to our field of conservative care of musculoskeletal disorders. This week we have Dr. Lorimer Moseley and his book, Explain Pain, a book to educate patients about their pain. We talk about where the idea of this book came with his coauthor David Butler, the principles found within the book, who needs to hear it, some related projects, and other books associated with this effort to help people make their way out of persistent pain and plenty more. To hear the entire episode go to your favorite podcast player or go to www.mechanicalcareforum.com

  • Episode 379 - Ian Harris: Hippocrasy; Are Doctors Betraying Their Oath

    12/09/2022 Duración: 54min

    In episode 379 of the Mechanical Care Forum we’re starting season 12 and we’re spotlighting important books related to our field of conservative care of musculoskeletal disorders. First up is Dr. Ian Harris and his recently released book, Hippocrasy, as in the Hippocratic oath. We talk about the oath, how it’s made up of several oaths and more than just Do No Harm, and how many caregivers have betrayed this promise to their patient. From misdiagnosis, to over treatment, to medicalization. This week on MCF!

  • Episode 378 - Sudha and Aileen: A story of vision problems, headaches and scary diagnoses but answers through movement

    20/06/2022 Duración: 46min

    In episode 378 we’re joined by Sudha, an economist and mother of two children and her physical therapist Aileen Cuenca. Sudha shares her lengthy struggle with visual disturbance, headaches, neck and back tension, a scary diagnosis and the long-overdue relief she finally found through a movement approach. She and Aileen share about the solutions they found together and how she’s doing now, just three appointments later. To hear the entire story go to your favorite podcast player, or go to www.mechanicalcareforum.com

  • Episode 377 - Martin and Simon: A story of years of back pain and pain meds until small changes discovered which resolved it all

    25/05/2022 Duración: 44min

    In episode 377 we’re joined by Martin, a carpenter and student in Denmark and his physiotherapist Simon Simonsen. Martin shares how his pain began, how he was prescribed opioid pain medication and how that made him unable to function. He and Simon share about the process of recovery and ultimately where he is now. Martin’s story is, unfortunately, a common one of passive treatments and the lack of relief which is so commonly described. To hear the entire story go to your favorite podcast player, or go to www.mechanicalcareforum.com

  • Episode 376 - Hunter and Ryan: A story of years of migraine headaches complicated with medication side-effects, but a solution with small, easy-to-do movements

    19/05/2022 Duración: 50min

    In episode 376 we’re joined by Hunter, a student at Virginia Tech University and her therapist Ryan Tauzell. Hunter shares her long history of migraine headaches since childhood, her side-effects from medication often bad enough she chose to deal with the headaches, her inability to focus, exercise and remain socially active due to the pain, and finally where she found relief. She and Ryan share her experience of discovering one movement which put her in control of the pain and other associated symptoms. This week on MCF!

  • Episode 375 - Simon and Taruna Rijwani; A story of struggle from years of back pain and two prior surgeries since adolescence, but finally relief and control

    28/04/2022 Duración: 42min

    In episode 375 we’re joined by Simon, a mathematician in a neuroscience lab at John’s Hopkins in Arlington, Virginia USA and his therapist Taruna Rijwani. Simon shares his 10 year history of back and leg pain and two subsequent surgeries, his inability to hold down his job, sit, focus and multitask and enjoy tennis normally. He and Taruna share his experience of steady but definite progress and the keys which got him there. To hear the entire story go to your favorite podcast player, or go to www.mechanicalcareforum.com

  • Episode 374 - Dulcy and Kristina; A story of a fall, persisting neck and shoulder pain, fear inducing medical education, but finally hope and relief and recovery

    19/04/2022 Duración: 40min

    In episode 374 we’re joined by Dulcy, a retired hospital foundation Vice President in Leesburg, Virginia USA and her therapist Kristina. Dulcy shares her 4 month history of neck and shoulder pain after a fall, her inability to sleep, sit, and function, the unfortunate failure of traditional medical care and physical therapy, the serious nature of her outlook due to her medical doctor’s comment on the MRI findings and the potential of the possible future surgery and how Kristina’s care and guidance provided relief she doubted she might ever experience. To hear the entire story go to your favorite podcast player, or go to www.mechanicalcareforum.com

  • Episode 373 - Rick and Susan Wood: A story of bilateral thigh pain, inability to walk, suggested spine surgery and eventually zero pain, no operation necessary

    12/04/2022 Duración: 56min

    In episode 373 of Season 11 we're joined by Rick, a 67 year old male retired from the telecommunications industry who began having bilateral thigh pain and inability to walk. He was diagnosed by his doctor of having spinal stenosis and told he could try physical therapy but may need surgery. We also speak with Susan Wood, his physical therapist who made some observations of his history and his physical examination which didn't match up with the classic stenosis presentation. Rick and Susan recount his response to the care Susan gave him and we hear how he's doing now, months later, pain free and nearly back to full function. This week on MCF!

  • Episode 372 - Mary and Stephen: A story of 9 months of knee pain, hopelessness until trusting Stephen

    06/04/2022 Duración: 49min

    In episode 372 we’re joined by Mary, a nurse with a sudden onset of knee pain, a diagnosis from an orthopedist of osteoarthritis and a bone spur, and not much hope. She and her therapist, Stephen, share her outlook before having seen him, how she felt when she received her diagnosis, and Stephen's observations which led him to believe she might be able to recover without the need for the suggested knee surgery, the ultimate outcome and more. This week on MCF!

  • Episode 371 - Deb Collins and Michael Dyck, A story of widespread, debilitating pain and finally full recovery

    30/03/2022 Duración: 01h02min

    In episode 371 we’re continuing with our series of patient experiences with their therapist. This week Deb Collins, of Montreal, Quebec Canada joins us with her therapist Michael Dyck of Active Solutions Physiotherapy. Deb shares her struggle with a wide range of pain after a motor vehicle accident and a long list of practitioners and attempts to try to resolve it without success, until she began working with Michael. This is a great illustration of the benefits of an attentive clinician and patient committed to the process. This week on MCF!

  • Episode 370 - Julia and Julie Marley, A story of bilateral hip pain and inability to walk and an assessment which uncovered the cause

    22/03/2022 Duración: 39min

    In episode 370 we're joined by another patient, Julia, and her therapist, Julie Marley. Julia shares her story or progressively worsening bilateral hip pain and inability to walk. She explains what she had tried, how she struggled to even find a doctor with an available appointment. Her therapist, Julie, shares her examination of Julia and what tipped her off as to the most effective means of relief for Julia. Not all patients resolve from a movement and posture exercise and education program and this case highlights how a skilled clinician and a sound movement exam can still serve to be helpful in this situation.

  • Episode 369 - Emily and Dr. Betsy Scudder; A story of sudden knee pain, a torn meniscus yet full recovery without surgery

    16/03/2022 Duración: 37min

    In Episode 369 we’re joined by Emily Ledford and Betsy Scudder, both of the Washington DC metro area. We’re highlighting another patient experience this time a personal trainer with an acute onset of knee pain, a positive MRI showing a meniscus tear and an orthopedist who implied surgery was inevitable. We’ll hear Emily's story and her perspective and Betsy’s view of Emily's prognosis once she identified a familiar response commonly associated with good outcome.

  • Episode 368 - Makesh and Dr. Rhad Brown: A story of persisting pain and recovery through a method which "worked like magic"


    In episode 368 we’re beginning season 11 and we’re highlighting actual patients who have a remarkable story and noteworthy results through a thorough movement and symptom assessment and treatment process and when possible we have their therapist join us too. We’re allowing the experiences and perspectives of these patients to reinforce the potential that exists with a proper mechanical exam and through a sound biopsychosocial approach for common musculoskeletal conditions. Our first patient is Makesh and he’s accompanied by his physical therapist Dr. Rhad Brown. Makesh struggled with persisting leg pain, sciatica as it's commonly called, which failed to resolve with conventional medical care. You’ll hear him describe a previous episode of leg pain involving his other leg and how that led to surgery, what he had been told about this new condition and how he had little hope that he might be able to avoid a second surgery. He’ll share how he discovered he could get control over his pain and, with some education

  • Episode 367 - Mark Aarts: A Listener's Reaction to Disabling Chronic Back Pain

    03/01/2022 Duración: 35min

    In episode 367 we’ve got another listeners reaction episode. We’re joined by Mr. Mark Aarts, a physiotherapist in Sweden - we’re chatting about disabling chronic back pain and impressions of our previous two guests, Dr. Peter O’Sullivan and Dr. Mark Laslett and their comments in the last two episodes and some thoughts of our own. This week in MCF!

  • Episode 366 - Dr. Mark Laslett: Disabling Chronic Back Pain

    28/12/2021 Duración: 48min

    In episode 366 we’re continuing on our focus on the disabled chronic back pain patient, today with Dr. Mark Laslett. We’ll hear about how he cared for this group early on and how he does now, what he has in common with Dr Peter O’Sullivan from last week and how he disagrees, a patient example and plenty more. To hear the entire episode go to your favorite podcast player or to www.mechanicalcareforum.com

  • Episode 365 - Dr. Peter O'Sullivan: Disabling Chronic Back Pain

    21/12/2021 Duración: 47min

    In episode 365 we’re tackling another hot topic; disabling chronic back pain - this episode with Dr Peter O'Sullivan. He shares his past struggles with this population which led to him developing another classification system, his views of why other classification systems have failed, principles within cognitive functional therapy and more. This week on MCF!

  • Episode 364 - Dr. Tim Zelch: A Listener's Reaction on Dry Needling

    13/12/2021 Duración: 34min

    In episode 364 we highlight another listeners reaction to our previous experts and episodes on the topic of dry needling. Dr. Tim Zelch a diplomat and fellow of the American Academy of Orthopedic Manual Physical Therapists and also trained in dry needling shares his takeaways from the previous two episodes with Dr. Joe Donnelly and Dr. Ron Schenk, and he shares his own experience with dry needling to wrap up this miniseries. You can hear the entire episode on your favorite podcast player or at www.mechanicalcareforum.com

  • Episode 363 - Ron Schenk: Trigger Point Dry Needling

    06/12/2021 Duración: 38min

    In episode 363 we continue with more talk on dry needling - this week with Dr. Ron Schenk, professor at Tufts University and published researcher on the topic as well. He shares his thoughts and his reactions to last weeks guest’s comments and his own perspective. This week on MCF.

  • Episode 362 - Joe Donnelly: Trigger Point Dry Needling

    30/11/2021 Duración: 51min

    In episode 362 we’re moving on to the topic of dry needling in physical therapy. Dr Joseph Donnelly, current president of the American academy of orthopaedic physical therapists therapy, joins us to share some of this modality’s history, his understanding of its physiological effect, the evidence, its appropriateness and more. This week on MCF!

  • Episode 361 - Brian Sorensen: PTs in Primary Care; A Listeners Reaction

    23/11/2021 Duración: 36min

    In episode 361 we wrap up our discussion on the topic of Physios in Primary Care and I’m joined by Mr Brian Sorensen, a physiotherapist in Aalborg, Denmark. We’re chatting about the past 3 episodes - our reactions, our similar and different opinions on this topic. This week on MCF.

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