Habit: The Ultimate Guide To Using The Power Of Habits Of Highly Effective People To Succed In Life And Business

  • Autor: Charles R. Golden and Mathias U. Duhigg
  • Narrador: Jesse Gross
  • Editor: Author's Republic
  • Duración: 0:25:38
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Do you want to succeed in your personal life and career?
Do you possess the habits that other successful people have, or would you like to develop them?
This audiobook will show you how to do it!
We often think of habits as being something that is bad. Smoking, doing drugs, drinking too much or excessive gambling are all the sort of things which present a negative impression when we hear of them and they are destructive in their own way. But there are good habits too, ones which help us to succeed and by employing them the chances of doing well in business and relationships improves no end.
Inside the pages of this audiobook, Habit: The Ultimate Guide to Using the Power of Habits of Highly Effective People to Succeed in Life and Business, you will find chapters that offer you advice on the sort of habits that could help you find success, including:
- What are Successful Habits (or what is Success)?
- How Actions Become Habitual
- Setting Goals
- How to Stop Bad Habits by Starting Good Ones
Armed with these new, productive and important habits, you will discover that implementing them is a sure way towards helping you achieve your goals.
And as with any bad habits, the forming of one good one tends to make you form other good ones as well, so improving your chances of success even more.
Get a copy of Habit and start developing your good ones right now!