Stop Smoking: Find Out The Easy Way To Stop Smoking And Overcome Nicotine Addiction

  • Autor: Allen H. Henriette and Carr Alblood
  • Narrador: Jesse Gross
  • Editor: Author's Republic
  • Duración: 0:19:23
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Are you addicted to nicotine and want to stop?
Have you tried and failed before and are worried that you’ll never kick the habit?
There is an easy way to overcome your smoking habit and live a healthier life!
Smoking is one of those vices that has progressively become less social as the years pass. Where once it was an accepted behaviour just about anywhere, now most people understand the risks associated with it and the massive financial cost that smokers bear. Many try to quit every year. Some succeed, while many fail, but now there is a book that has all the answers.
Inside the pages of Stop Smoking: Find Out the Easy Way to Stop Smoking and Overcome Nicotine Addiction, you’ll find all you need to help you stop smoking, with chapters that include:
- An introduction to your new life
- The basics of breaking old habits
- Nutritional tips for conquering ciggy cravings
- The benefits of meditation
- Affirmations for abstinence
- How to build healthy habits for a better life
There is no doubt that stopping smoking will have a profound impact on your life and overall wellbeing, but it is recognized that quitting isn’t easy and requires both patience, perseverance and lots of help.
You’ll find it all inside Stop Smoking. Get a copy and see how easy we have made it!