Facebook Live: The Ultimate Guide To Streaming Your Own Tv Show And Build Your Audience On Fb

  • Autor: Harriet M. Zante
  • Narrador: Jesse Gross
  • Editor: Author's Republic
  • Duración: 0:27:41
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Are you an avid user of Facebook?
Do you love presenting ideas to others and would like to stream your own TV show on the platform?
Do you need advice on where to start and how to succeed?
Social media is something that didn’t exist just a few short years ago but is now on the lips of everyone. From very small beginnings it has grown to such an extent that billions around the planet are using it every day and the exciting innovations just keep coming.
Facebook is still the most widely used social media platform and it continues to grow year on year, with no signs of it slowing down. And with the new capabilities of Facebook Live, you could now be the star of your own show.
In this audiobook, Facebook Live: The Ultimate Guide to Streaming Your Own TV Show and Build Your Audience on FB, you can learn how to start and develop your show, with chapters on:
- Facebook Live – What You Need to Know to Get Started
- Advanced Features and Tips
- Facebook Live vs Periscope vs Meerkat
- Ideas for Content
Whether you just want to entertain others, you want to sell a product and make money or become a well-known influencer, Facebook Live certainly has the potential to propel you to superstardom.
Get a copy of this audiobook now and start your journey to Facebook success today!