Journey Of The Nile



I'm Ryan Nile, a creative entrepreneur (music producer, podcaster) I am on a journey creating what I wish to see in the World, which is usually a bunch of outlandish ideas. This podcast is what it says on the tin, my journey. There will be snippets from myself, conversations with my wife and conversations with tons of awesome people on the way. On the way to where? I've got an idea but I'm not so sure, lets see where this goes...


  • Why You Should Be Realistic

    10/04/2019 Duración: 01min

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  • 'Sides'

    09/04/2019 Duración: 01min ‘Sides’ Boiling water will melt ice it touches in an instant An ice cube placed in boiling hot water will be absorbed and melt, yet the water does not freeze Love is like boiling water and fear is like ice. An abundance of love will absorb fear and turn it into love. It takes a hell of a lot of fear, hate, to turn love into fear. Yet it takes an ounce of love to eradicate or transform fear. It takes more energy to be the ‘boiling water’ and to keep it hot. To extinguish hate, doubt, anger wherever it arises Its harder to conjure up, but I know what side I choose I choose love. - Ryan Nile  i: @journeyofthenile t: @ryannile