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  • Why Does Your Spinal Alignment Matter?


    Proper spinal alignment is critical for overall health and wellness as it allows the nervous system, which controls all of our body functions, to operate without interference.

  • Dispelling the Myths About Chiropractic


    It is important to dispel myths about chiropractic care with facts about the effectiveness, the benefits to overall health for the entire family and the affordability of chiropractic care.

  • Meet Dr. Ben


    Chiropractor Dr. Ben Rauch has joined Dr. Scott Gardner and the team at Gardner Family Chiropractic where they provide quality chiropractic care focused on helping the body function at its best.

  • Nutrition Affects Joint Health


    A healthy diet with foods rich in nutrients like omega-3 fatty acids and dark green leafy vegetables will help reduce joint inflammation and improve your joint health.

  • Ergonomics for Work & Learning


    Creating an ergonomically correct workstation or desk for work or learning is important for our overall health and critical to avoiding muscle strains, forward head posture, joint pain and other issues.

  • Working From Home Causing Neck Pain?


    Working from home can be tricky especially when it comes to setting you your workstation in the optimal position. These tips on how high to place your monitor, how to sit properly and comfortably and which type of desk to use will help you prevent pain.

  • Kids and Accidents: Can Chiropractic Help?


    Injuries from accidents or sports can shift the spine out of alignment which impacts the nervous system and body function.  Chiropractors can correct misalignments in young children's spines which will prepare their bodies for growth and development.

  • Flexibility...Do I Really Need It?


    Flexibility is a key component of building muscle strength, improving balance and increasing range of motion in the joints. Chiropractors can provide exercises to help increase flexibility.

  • Health Resolutions for 2021


    Many people are looking to 2021 to reset and recharge after a very stressful year. Kickstart a year of healthy living by improving your diet, getting more exercise, maintaining proper posture and seeking chiropractic care.

  • Understanding Joint Dysfunction


    Joint dysfunction causes pain, swelling and in some cases, loss of motion in the joint. Chiropractors can help identify the cause of the joint pain and provide treatments and exercises to rehabilitate the joints to relieve the pain.

  • Spinal Issues as We Age


    We can develop a number of spinal issues as we age including spinal stenosis and degenerative disc disease. However, in our younger years, if we maintain a healthy lifestyle and receive chiropractic care, we can help prevent spinal issues later in life.

  • The Importance of Good Posture


    Maintaining good posture has many positive effects on our overall health including increased energy, better balance, fewer aches and pains and a healthier nervous system.

  • Chiropractic for Headache Relief


    Chiropractors can help people find headache relief by aligning the spine and removing vertebral subluxations. Chiropractors also teach people how to maintain correct posture which keeps their neck in the proper position and helps them avoid headaches.

  • Avoiding Back Surgery


    Chiropractors help patients avoid back surgery by adjusting the spine to restore its proper alignment, thereby reducing the pressure on the nerves that cause back pain.

  • Can Chiropractic Help My Knee Pain?


    Chiropractors will thoroughly evaluate knee pain to find the source of the pain or injury and help alleviate the pain using chiropractic treatments and exercises.

  • Tips for Living a Pain-Free Life


    There are ways to prepare your body to live a pain-free life. The most important tip to follow is to keep your spine aligned with chiropractic adjustments that will allow your nervous system to function properly.

  • Repetitive Stress Injuries


    Repetitive stress injuries such as carpal tunnel syndrome can be avoided by implementing proper ergonomics in the workplace, and by incorporating both warm-up routines before participating in sports activities, and post-workout recovery strategies after.

  • Automobile Accident Aftercare


    Anyone involved in an auto accident should be checked by a chiropractor regardless of whether or not they have real injuries or are feeling pain. Early detection of whiplash, soft tissue injuries or spinal misalignment is key to preventing a life of pain.

  • Pediatric Chiropractic


    Pediatric chiropractic care helps children of all ages from infants to student athletes. Chiropractors check and make sure the spine is in alignment without any nerve interference to ensure proper growth and development.

  • The Benefits of Chiropractic Care for Senior Citizens


    Fewer aches and pains, better balance and coordination, and increased energy are just some of the health benefits senior citizens receive from gentle chiropractic care.

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