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The weekly sermon from Faith Community Bible Church in Boise, Idaho. Reformed, evangelical, and exegetical.


  • Stability in the Unknown

    Stability in the Unknown


    We are in the penultimate chapter of Ecclesiastes and man, it’s been a ride. What an amazing book God has preserved for us! Solomon has given us a lot of help in this book. He’s helped us come to grips with the vapor-like nature of life. He’s helped us to see that God’s gifts are meant to be enjoyed but were never designed to ultimately fulfill He’s helped us appreciate the value of wisdom. The book of Ecclesiastes has functioned as a mirror to help us see God, ourselves and reality more clearly. All of his insights might come under the heading of perspective. The wisdom of Ecclesiastes has changed us by giving us a new perspective. Perspective changes everything. Depending on your perspective, the exact same circumstance can elicit opposite responses in people. To illustrate this, I worked three seasons for an initial attack crew fighting wildfires in Idaho. The goal of firefighers of course is to put out fires because they are incredibly destructive. But I very quickly realized there is a secondar

  • How Will You Lead

    How Will You Lead


    Introduction Okay, so we return to our study in Ecclesiastes, and today we tackle the second part of chapter 10 so jump in your Bible to Ecclesiastes 10. I'm hoping that even though we are still not able to meet together corporately, many of you are gathering in homes, with another family or two. Today, there are a few human beings in the room with me. I can't tell you how cool that is! So let's get after it. Get your eyes on the pages of your Bible so you can see it for yourself. Here's an encouragement for you to not just listen to, but interact with Solomon in the text he wrote and God preserved. Now chapter 10 reads a lot like the book of Proverbs. When you read the proverbs you have some proverbs that are standalone verses. They aren't connected to anything before or after. Other proverbs are couplets. Still others are whole paragraphs or chapters that are a clearly connected thought, like the adulterous woman in chapter 7 or the virtuous woman in chapter 31. The second part of Ecclesiastes chapter 1

  • You Can’t Win But You Can Be Wise

    You Can’t Win But You Can Be Wise


    Welcome to our Livestream service. I wanted to give you an update on our phased approach to reopening. As was mentioned in our newsletter, starting Monday we will have sign-ups for live services in very limited numbers that will slowly open up as the city lifts restrictions. More on that later but for now I wanted to give a pastoral word regarding our plan to meet. There are two extreme polar positions represented in our society right now. On the one hand, you have those who interpret any behavior other than complete isolation as dangerous, uncaring, and disregarding of scientific authorities. On the other hand, you have those who think this whole thing is a hoax, a power play by the bureaucratic elite, and all about the money. Both of these are tools used to create fear. Either fear of a virus or fear of a corrupt elite. These are powerful fears because massively influential forces are acting upon us that are completely outside our control. I’m here this morning to remind us of who is in control. The virus

  • Reasons to Enjoy Life

    Reasons to Enjoy Life


    Introduction Reasons to Enjoy Life Well, good morning, my name is Jason Wolin and I’m one of the pastors on staff here and it’s great to be with you again today. We begin with this video on biblical joy to set the joy of Ecclesiastes in its proper context. Today we continue where we left off last week. We saw Solomon commending joy to us. He’s commending to us a simple formula of how to enjoy life. Enjoy what you understand. Trust when you don’t. In order for us to really enjoy the good simple gifts of food, a spring day, a camping trip we have to release to God the parts that don’t make sense. Why do good things happen to evil people? Why is it that death sweeps away the evil and the righteous? And when we entrust our good Father with complexities above our paygrade, we are then free to enjoy life. This isn’t the carpe diem (seize-the-day-joy) that comes out of a worldview of fatalism. It’s all headed down sewer anyway so here’s a piece of happiness to numb me along the way. This is a joy that comes out o

  • The Blind Joy

    The Blind Joy


    Well, thanks for watching this morning. I’m sure many of you are wondering when we will be able to gather together corporately. Well, we do as well! There has been some communication from the governor that indicates that some of the gathering restrictions might lift as soon as next week. So please stay tuned via our newsletter and website to find out the most recent plan. For now, we are back in the book of Ecclesiastes. Now last week we talked about the danger of saying to yourself, “If only…” If only this thing were in place, then I’d be happy, or content, or satisfied. And the text itself illustrated four of these: We tried to contrast the death trap of those who play the ‘if only…’ game with those who fear God. Now before we leave the “if onlys” we need to make one final observation. Here’s what’s interesting about every one of these if only statements. Categorically, they are all really good things. It’s not like we are saying, “If only I could smoke weed and rob a bank.” I mean

  • Time Lapse Theory

    Time Lapse Theory


    Introduction Welcome to our prerecorded livestream. We are living in uncertain and unprecedented times, in fact so much so that people are getting really tired of hearing the words uncertain and unprecedented! All of us are asking the same question? How long will it be before we can gather again? How long will it be before we open up the economy? What are some metrics we can use where we can safely say, “Things are good.” We are all tired of relating to one another through screens. We are tired of isolation. We are tired of the insecurity When can things just get back to normal? Now I think Solomon would hear that question and smile. I think he would say, “What is normal? Normal doesn’t happen under the sun. Nothing is normal. Normal is nothing more than constantly, ever changing. Normal is broken. Normal is corrupt. Normal is imperfect” There’s no such thing as Normal. Stop living your life as if a normal can be attained. That question is an absolute death trap. Life will never be normal. All the

  • What Life Does to You

    What Life Does to You


    Introduction He is risen. He is risen indeed. It was so good to see all your faces this Sunday in that video and I just want to celebrate Jesus Christ today. What a Savior we have! Friday we remembered the death of Jesus Christ on a cross and while tragic it would be no different than any of the hundreds of thousands, even millions of other unjust torturous deaths in the history of the world were in not for what we are celebrating this morning. JESUS CHRIST, yes died…. BUT….. has risen from the dead. And that, my friends, changes EVERYTHING. EVERYTHING is different because of that. Now to get at why that changes everything and why everything is so different we are actually going to start by look at the resurrection through a text that was written roughly a 1000 years before Jesus was born. We are going to grab this unique perspective that Solomon has given us in the book of Ecclesiastes. The Limitations of Wisdom On Palm Sunday we looked at Wisdom as described in Ecclesiastes 7. And here’s what Solomon say

  • Prone to Wander

    Prone to Wander


    Alright, well today is Palm Sunday which remembers the day when Jesus road into Jerusalem and was welcomed by the crowds shouting, “Hossana” which means, save us! It’s a cry for help. It’s an acknowledgment of need. It’s a cry that says, “You can provide something for me that I can’t provide for myself.” That’s what Israel was doing. They were saying, “Jesus, we have a need that only you can meet.” Now what is that need? It is often the case, that there is a pretty big difference between someone’s perceived need and their actual need. For example, someone who is a terrible money manager might think that what they need is more money; however, their actual need is learning how to manage their money. Israel was right to cry out “Save us!” And we are going to learn via Ecclesiastes today what it was they needed saving from. So if you have a Bible turn with me to Ecclesiastes chapter 7. Review Kirk led us so helpfully through the first part of chapter 7. And let me review for just a moment because for our Palm

  • Loving  Living God’s Better Wisdom

    Loving & Living God’s Better Wisdom


    LOVING & LIVING IN GOD’S BETTER WISDOM  - Eccl. 7:1-14 Well, good morning again to everyone watching online.  It’s good to have you joining us, whether you are a member, regular attender or someone “visiting” our live stream Sunday service today. In fact we have people from other parts of the world, including England and even India that tune into our livestream…so welcome all around the world! Now, before we start in our Bible passage this morning, I promised last week that we would give our church an update on the mission trip to India that myself and 4 others went on, just a few short weeks ago. So, here is one our team members to fill you in on that trip: VIDEO w/ slides interspersed. It was  such a pleasure to be on this team with Cindy, Kristie, Lisa and Ryan…It truly was life-changing for me as well. I wanted to add to what Cindy has said by showing you a few more pictures and stories of people we met during our time in India: The family on the left were new believers…They made breakfast fo

  • Considering Our Heart’s Contentment

    Considering Our Heart’s Contentment


    CONSIDERING OUR HEARTS CONTENTMENT Well, good morning to everyone watching online, whether you are a member, regular attender or someone “visiting" our live stream Sunday service today. As we enter into the second week of our “livestream only” gatherings, we pray you are able to enjoy God’s word through this gift of technology. We also pray that we will be able to be back to our “normal” gatherings very soon. Now, before we start in our Bible passage this morning, I’d like to give you a bit of an update. As you may know, myself and 4 others from FCBC went on a trip to India I found myself thinking many times on the trip…I wish I could bring the whole church here…so the Lord could be working in all of the same way….I believe at the hearts level, many of the things I experienced God could be doing in all of us through this current crisis. I’lll touch on that in a minute as the main focus of our time in the word. but before I do, let me give a brief update from our India trip for those that prayed and suppor