The Diocese of the MidAtlantic brings you insightful podcasts featuring a cross section of speakers from all walks of our Christian life.


  • Audio Podcast: Report from the Constitution and Canons Committee


    The Rev. Becki Neumann presented a report from the Constitution and Canons Committee, after which the Synod approved several amendments to the Canons and gave final approval to an amendment to the Constitution.

  • Audio Podcast: The Rev. Dr. Winfield Bevins


    The Rev. Dr. Winfield Bevins speaks at the Synod 2018 Opening Eucharist.

  • Audio Podcast: Transgenderism: Compassion, Clarity & Conversation


    An increasing number of people in Western culture, especially teens, identify as transgender. Their “inward” experience of masculinity or femininity feels askew to their “outward” biological sex, male or female. With this topic now mainstream, Christians need to think carefully and compassionately about an array of questions, including: What anthropological assumptions underlie popular views and treatments? What does a loving Christian response look like?

  • Equip 2018 - PreSynod Workshop


    Dr. Bevins will be giving us lots to think about in his talks, “North America: The New Mission Field,” “Church Planting in the 21st Century: Fresh Expressions and other New Models of Church,” and “How Might an Anglican Church Planting Movement Look: Hallmarks of the Wesleyan Revival.” The focus of his talks will be to help us to understand the changing mission field in which we find ourselves today and how we can more effectively reach those in our communities through innovative approaches that will grow and multiply our ministries.

  • Tomorrow’s Leaders in Your Church Today: How to form college students as leaders for the Church


    Local, national, and global leaders for tomorrow are students on college campuses today. 53% of these students report feeling hopeless. Only 4% of this generation of students has a Biblical worldview. Regardless of the size and style of your church, there are important ways you can help to bring the hope of Jesus Christ to campus and disciple next generation leaders for ministry in the Church and the world. Join in an interactive session to discuss best practices in reaching college students with the Gospel and integrating them into the life of your parish.

  • North America: The New Mission Field


    We live in an increasingly multicultural, secular, and global context, and because some churches in the United States do not understand these shifts, they have either stopped growing or are in decline. These shifts, however, have created tremendous opportunities for mission, as the mission field has now come to us, along with fresh voices from the global church from which we can grow and learn.

  • Becoming an Everyday Missionary


    We often compartmentalize our “spiritual” and our “secular” lives when in actuality everything we are and possess is sacred and should be used to further God’s kingdom on earth. This workshop will give you practical ideas of how to be a missional Christian, engaging with those around you on a 24/7 basis as you live your everyday life. What do you have? Will you give it to Jesus?

  • Conversation for Church Planters


    DOMA church planters and prospective church planters are invited to have lunch and conversation with our pre-Synod seminar leader, The Rev. Winfield Bevins.

  • Your Church and the New Wineskins Global Missions Conference: Why Bring a Team?


    The New Wineskins Global Missions Conference is the primary mission-mobilizing event for the Anglican Church in North America. Held every three years, it brings together those engaged in local mission and international mission; it draws missionaries and senders, clergy and laity, intercessors and evangelists, teachers and disciples. Come hear New Wineskins Missionary Network’s Executive Director, Jenny Noyes, share about the impact that next September’s conference can have on your church’s missional zeal. A number of congregations in our Diocese have discovered the power of bringing a team to experience New Wineskins—a conference that changes lives and changes churches.

  • Five Years In: Continuing to Raise the Bar in Child Protection


    DOMA’s Child Protection Child Protection Chair Lindsey Feldman and Chancellor Scott Ward will update church leaders on the newest version of the child protection policy, answer legal and practical questions, and make recommendations to aid in the implementation and maintenance of best practices in your church to keep our children safe.

  • Islam At Our Doorstep


    Never have believers in America had a better opportunity to share the good news of Jesus Christ with their Muslim neighbors! Our area is home to one of the largest concentrations of Muslims in the U.S. with over 400,000 Muslims, 75 mosques and the two largest mosque complexes in the nation. Yet many of us feel timid around Muslims and are hesitant to meet and talk with them. Come and be encouraged as we consider what God is doing among American Muslims today and how each of us can effectively communicate Christ's love with them.

  • Advance Care Planning


    What does this new phrase being used in the healthcare industry mean for the elderly, terminally ill, and disabled? This workshop will explain all the terms like “Comfort Care,” “Medical/Physician Orders for Life Sustaining Treatment,” “Hospice,” “Palliative Care,” “DNR’s” and “Advance Directives” and the positive and negative impact each can have on patients. We’ll discuss when they should or should not be employed, whether for you or your loved ones. We will also examine patients’ rights and how families need to be involved to ensure they get the best care.

  • A History of Race and the Church in the American Anglican Tradition


    This breakout session takes a deep look at the history of racism in the Church from its origins in the fifteenth century to the modern era, with an emphasis on the Anglican tradition in the United States. Albert Thompson is a war, conflict and peace historian and an instructor of history at Northern Virginia Community College. He joined the Anglican Church in North America in 2011. In 2016, he was elected to the Vestry of Christ the King Church (Alexandria,VA) and to the Standing Committee of the Diocese of the Mid-Atlantic. He holds a Masters in Military History from Norwich University where his research focused on the Troubles in Northern Ireland. He is currently pursuing his Ph.D. in history at Howard University where he focuses on post-Second World War American identity. He is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts.

  • Into the Harvest Interview - Alex Leighton


    "When we first moved to Virginia, we felt called to a certain neighborhood. As we learned more about where other folks from All Saints’ Church (Woodbridge, VA) lived, we saw that it was a neighborhood that wasn’t heavily populated with our members. We loved the opportunities that we were given as we were invited into our neighbors’ lives. And they were there with us as our third and fourth children were born. We hosted Community Vacation Bible School (CVBS) in our house there and our next-door neighbors committed their lives to Christ during that time. What an incredible joy! I can remember saying to my wife, Rebecca, that it could have been for that reason alone that we were called to that house." (Music:

  • Into the Harvest Interview - Jay Baylor


    Jay Baylor: "I never expected to end up in the city. I’m the son of farmers and truck drivers from Central Pennsylvania. In 2006, I was challenged by Heidi Baker’s testimony to “go where only the Gospel could make a difference.” I felt the Lord guide us into East Baltimore, one of the most challenged neighborhoods in our region." (Music:

  • Into the Harvest: Interviw with Tom Herrick


    We’re launching a new series here on DOMACAST where we’re focusing on the mission and ministry of church planting and church health. This work in the Diocese of the Mid-Atlantic is led by what’s called the Great Commission Committee—or the GCC. Tom Herrick, Canon for Church Planting for the Diocese of the Mid-Atlantic—as well as the Executive Director of the Titus Institute—is chair of the GCC. We asked Tom to be our first guest in this series we call “Into the Harvest.” Music— Read more about it—

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