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  • John 9:1-11 The Pool of Siloam

    John 9:1-11 "The Pool of Siloam"


    Message: John 9:1-11 "The Pool of Siloam"

  • Matthew 15:21-28 The Canaanite Woman

    Matthew 15:21-28 "The Canaanite Woman"


    Message: Matthew 15:21-28 "The Canaanite Woman"

  • John 2:1-11 Water Into Wine

    John 2:1-11 "Water Into Wine"


    Message: John 2:1-11 "Water Into Wine"This message is the first in a series titled "The Miracles Jesus Did"

  • Matthew 10:28 Distracted Part 2

    Matthew 10:28 "Distracted Part 2"


    Message: Matthew 10:28 "Distracted Part 2"

  • Matthew 10:28 Distracted Part 1

    Matthew 10:28 "Distracted Part 1"


    Message: Matthew 10:28 "Distracted Part 1"

  • John 20:1-9 The Grave Clothes

    John 20:1-9 "The Grave Clothes"


    Message: John 20:1-9 "The Grave Clothes"

  • Matthew 27:27-31 The Borrowed Robe

    Matthew 27:27-31 "The Borrowed Robe"


    Message: Matthew 27:27-31 "The Borrowed Robe"

  • John 19: 23-24 The Seamless Robe

    John 19: 23-24 "The Seamless Robe"


    Message: John 19:23-24 "The Seamless Robe"

  • John 19:34-34 They Divided his Garments

    John 19:34-34 "They Divided his Garments"


    Message: John 19:34-34 "They Divided his Garments"In this message we'll look at the garments Jesus wore that were taken from him at the Cross. Each of these garments reveals something about the truth of who Jesus is.

  • Luke 2:1-7 “Swaddling Clothes and Hems of Robes”

    Luke 2:1-7 “Swaddling Clothes and Hems of Robes”


    Message: Luke 2:1-7 “Swaddling Clothes and Hems of Robes”Today we begin a new series, “The Clothes that Jesus Wore,” that will lead us through Easter. In this first week of the series we’ll talk about Jesus’ purpose in coming into the world. As he was wrapped in swaddling clothes, we cannot help but think of how he’ll be wrapped and prepared for burial. Yet, it is also from the hem of his robe that healing will flow, just as his death will bring life to many.

  • Romans 3:21-26 “The Gift of Salvation”

    Romans 3:21-26 “The Gift of Salvation”


    Message: Romans 3:21-26 “The Gift of Salvation”Last week we saw how humanity chose the path of disintegration, falling further and further from who and what they were created to be. There were no exceptions to this. Jews and Gentiles alike are more alike than they thought. They all need a Savior and that is exactly what God provides the whole world in Jesus Christ.

  • Romans 1:18-32 “The Disintegration of Humanity”

    Romans 1:18-32 “The Disintegration of Humanity”


    Message: Romans 1:18-32 “The Disintegration ofHumanity”

  • Romans 11:11-36 “God is Faithful”

    Romans 11:11-36 “God is Faithful”


    Message: Romans 11:11-36 “God is Faithful”In this week’s passage, Paul shifts his focus from the ‘weak’ to the ‘strong.’ Those who have the position of power and privilege in the Roman church are the gentile believers. Yet their inclusion in God’s family does not mean they are better than the Jewish believers. God has worked these two stories together into one, which results in the whole family of God. God has been and will be faithful to both groups, so one should not set themselves against the other. Instead, we should trust that God is always faithful to all those who He loves. In the same way, God will be faithful toward us, no matter what our present circumstances are. 

  • Romans 10:1-13 “The Weakness of Legalism”

    Romans 10:1-13 “The Weakness of Legalism”


    Message: Romans 10:1-13 “The Weakness of Legalism”In this week’s message we’ll see how our redemption doesn’t depend on our efforts, otherwise we would be forever uncertain of our salvation. Instead, it depends on God’s goodness and we are called to trust in that goodness.

  • Romans 9:1 - 10:4 “Election and Inclusion”

    Romans 9:1 - 10:4 “Election and Inclusion”


    Message: Romans 9:1 - 10:4 “Election and Inclusion”In this famous passage, the Jewish people wrestle with their election as “God’s people,” wondering what it means that gentiles are now also part of the called and chosen. Paul explains that it was always part of God’s plan to include the rest of the world in His redemptive purpose. Our election isn’t based on our own ability or efforts, but on God’s goodness.

  • Romans 12:14 - 13:14 Christoformity: Part III

    Romans 12:14 - 13:14 Christoformity: Part III


    Message: Romans 12:14 - 13:14 Christoformity: PartIIIIn the first two parts of “Christoformity” we talked about the follower of Jesus’ orientation toward God and the community of believers. In Part III we will talk about our relationship to the unbelieving world, which is our ‘witness’ and our ‘love of neighbor.’

  • Romans 12:3-8 “Christoformity: Part II”

    Romans 12:3-8 “Christoformity: Part II”


    Message: Romans 12:3-8 “Christoformity: Part II”This week we continue talking about what it looks like to look like Christ: Christoformity. We move from the necessity of our being oriented toward God to the need to be oriented toward the Body of Christ, which is the family of followers of Jesus. Within this community we use our gifts for building one another up, making room for our differences and providing a seat at the table for those who do not have power or privilege.

  • Romans 12:1-2 “Christoformity: Part 1”

    Romans 12:1-2 “Christoformity: Part 1”


    Message: Romans 12:1-2 “Christoformity: Part 1”The last couple of weeks Paul has shown how Power and Privilege are not something to be held unto among followers of Jesus. Instead, if we have any power or privilege, we are to use it to make space for those who do not. This is a big part of what it means to be ‘conformed’ to the likeness of Christ, or Christoformity. Jesus, as our example, teaches us to first orient ourselves toward God. That is, to live our lives with seeking God and his Way as our goal. That is what we’ll be discussing this week as we talk about living lives of sacrifice and prayer.

  • Romans 14:1-13 [14-15:13] “Powerful vs Unempowered”

    Romans 14:1-13 [14-15:13] “Powerful vs Unempowered”


    Message: Romans 14:1-13 [14-15:13] “Powerful vsUnempowered”In this week’s passage, Paul deals with a couple of issues that were causing division within the church located in Rome. He describes two sides as “Weak vs Strong.” These two sides had different convictions when it came to living out their theology. One of these group had more power than the other, while both were in the wrong. Paul tells both to live out their convictions without forcing others to imitate them, but he puts more responsibility on those who have more power. In the end, this is a lesson in not judging others and entrusting the lives of others to God.

  • Romans 16:1-6 (7-16) Reading Romans Backwards

    Romans 16:1-6 (7-16) "Reading Romans Backwards"


    Message: Romans 16:1-6 (7-16)We are beginning a new series this week called “Reading Romans Backwards.” In these first verses from Romans 16, where we will begin our series, Paul is breaking down assumptions of Privilege and Power that were so taken for granted in the first century world. Unexpected people are leaders in the early church, but they too are equals and all are considered ‘siblings’ in this community. Each person must set aside aspects of their old identities in order to embrace their new identity as one people “In Christ.”

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