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  • Women of the Megillah - Audio Podcast

    "Women of the Megillah" - Audio Podcast


    On February 15, Geri Finkelstein gave an intriguing and scholarly analysis of the women of the Megillah, just in time for Purim (part 1 of a Rosh Chodesh Adar presentation by the Beit... This is a summary only, visit for more details! :)

  • An Orthodox Rabbi Defends Reform Judaism? - Audio Podcast

    "An Orthodox Rabbi Defends Reform Judaism?" - Audio Podcast


    For those who missed Rabbi Green's discussion on this provocative topic at Emanu-El 2 weeks ago or at the Los Gatos JCC as part of Jewbilee! - well, here it is! :) This is available on iTunes as a... This is a summary only, visit for more details! :)