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  • Episode 08 – Trip to the Shrine of Our Lady of Good Help


    This episode I recount our trip to the Shrine of Our Lady of Good Help.  This is a great place for home school families to visit. chc08 – Field trip to the Shrine of Our Lady of Good Help

  • Episode 07 – Organization


    Back from taking some time off.  With the new year, it’s a great time to think about organizing.  We need to think about it because homeschoolers have opted out of the structure schools offer.  Here are just a few ideas … Continue reading →

  • Episode 6 – Field trip to the observatory at Northern Illinois University


    chc 06 – field trip to NIU observatory We visited Northern Illinois University observatory and spoke with Matt Wiesner, the observatory manager, a former homeschool student himself.  Hear our experience looking through the telescope as we explore the heavens.  You can … Continue reading →

  • Episode 5 – Curing Cabin Fever with Field Trips


    Homeschoolers can be subject to cabin fever a little more than other famalies because you’re in the house more often.  Taking field trips is a great way to take a break.  Get some ideas so you can take frequent trips … Continue reading →

  • Episode 4 – Time


    It takes time to organize a homeschool schedule.  Does this put you at a disadvantage?  Is there anything you can do about it?  Are there some hidden benefits that come with this issue?  Learn a few tips and tricks to … Continue reading →

  • Episode 3 – You know the teacher


    What are the advantages to being your child’s teacher?  How much more control do you have over the situation? Here are just a few thoughts on the subject. chc03

  • Episode 2 – socialization


    The socialization question.  This is usually the first objection you will hear from people when you tell them you are thinking about homeschooling.  While there is some truth to this, maybe that’s not a bad thing.  Homeschooling can help you … Continue reading →

  • Episode 1 – Intro


    Intro to the Catholic Homeschool Cast. My latest project.  I started with an effort to make some a homeschool article  I wrote more accessible.  Homeschooling is a subject we often get questions about.  The article was meant to give a few … Continue reading →