Mixed Nuts Podcast



Youth Radio is brought to you through a partnership between WFHB, Rhinos Youth Center, Harmony Education Center, and Bloomingtons Parks and Recreation Department. We broadcast live every Saturday night from 6-10pm at 91.3 FM and 98.1 FM in town, or online at wfhb.org.


  • Episode 13: Best of Bloomington


    Instead of going over a competitive list of the "Best of" things in Bloomington over this past year, we decided to make this hour all about our favorite things about Bloomington in general.  The best things about living here.

  • Episode 12: Holidays


    Tis the season.  But we didn't stop at these winter Holidays, we explored "Holidays" as a theme.  Holidays

  • Episode 11: Science


    A Mad Scientist has taken over youth radio in an attempt to produce evil radio. A mishap leads him to creating the most AMAZING PODCAST!!Youth Radio drops science. We interviewed a scientist and a science teacher, talked about some science gossip, our own resident science export explains some theories and other sciency issues, and more...

  • Episode 10: Sleep and Dreams


    Shhhh, this month we are going to sleep.  We talked about our dreams, our sleeping habits, and more.

  • Episode 9: Food


    The Rhino's kids talk all things edible - food horror stories, Nikkia's grandma on growing up on a farm, a visit with some traveling animal rights activists, the importance of salt in human history and much more!

  • Episode 8: Education


    What we learn and how we learn it. From school to the streets, we are all educated, one way or another. This month on the podcast, we discuss education.

  • Episode 7: Identity and Gender


    The boys and the girls separate to talk gender and we interview some German travelers about their experience visiting in North America. All apologies for the delay!

  • Episode 6: The Innocence of Youth


    A short episode this month features interviews with kids, punks, and moms, and the youth deconstructing childhood heroes.

  • Episode 5: Adventures


    This month, we bring to you: adventures. Tales of glorious happenings, from treacherous strolls through the forest to a few people's less than magical experiences at prom. We also bring you commentary on a voyage to local landmarks as well as one sentence tales of pterodactyls, peanut butter sandwich monsters, and combat boots. Youth Radio is brought to you through a partnership between WRHB, Rhino's All Ages Club, Harmony Education Centers, and Bloomington's Parks and Recreation Department.

  • Episode 4: Firsts


    This month on the podcast, the youth discuss firsts. We begin with stories of first romances, then move on to topics like Canada, the southern United States, and kidney stones. And, for the first time on Youth Radio, we try out some new foods. Mixed Nuts is brought to you thanks to Bloomington's Parks and Recreation Department, Rhino's All Ages Club, Harmony Education Centers, and WFHB Bloomington.

  • Episode 3: Fear


    This month on the podcast, the youth discuss fear: fear of failure, fear of the future, and social and academic fears in high school.

  • Episode 2: Mythology


    From Norse gods to ghost stories, and in an interview with Bigfoot expert Alex Evans, Youth Radio explores mythology.

  • Episode 1: The Five Senses


    In the debut podcast from Rhino's and WFHB Youth Radio, the youth explore the theme of the five senses. We discuss the relationship between taste and sight, go out on the street to learn more about how sound influences peoples' perceptions, and ask the big question: If you had to get rid of all but one sense, which would you save?