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  • Kyle Davis Out Until Fall

    22/03/2017 Duración: 269h00s

    Kyle Davis has missed all of spring practice so far and Gus Malzahn announced today he won't be back until fall camp. Here's the latest.

  • Predictions: Alabama vs LSU and Auburn vs Vandy

    04/11/2016 Duración: 491h00s

    Both teams from the state of Alabama are on a tear, ripping up SEC competition. How will both teams fare this week as Alabama takes on bitter rival LSU and Auburn looks to continue it's hot streak against Vanderbilt.

  • Are We Headed To Another Epic Iron Bowl

    28/10/2016 Duración: 1562h00s

    Brett and Jamie play a game of what if for the Iron bown this year. Alabama and Auburn are on a collision course and it could be epic.

  • Auburn vs Arkansas Will Be A High Scoring Shootout Auburn Wins

    18/10/2016 Duración: 809h00s

    Auburn is getting better every week and is ready for Arkansas. We discuss how this game could be a high scoring shootout and how Auburn comes out on top.

  • How Alabama Could Beat TAMU By 21 Or More

    18/10/2016 Duración: 1045h00s

    We preview the Alabama vs Texas A&M game and discuss how this could be another blowout win for the Crimson Tide

  • How John Franklin III Will Help Silence The Cowbells At Miss State

    06/10/2016 Duración: 863h00s

    Auburn faces it's first road game of the year when it heads to Starkville to face Miss State. John Franklin III could play a key role in getting the win for the Tigers.We also discuss the rest of the season and what winning or losing vs Miss State would mean for this Auburn Tigers team going forward.

  • Why Alabama Will Dominate Arkansas And The SEC

    06/10/2016 Duración: 1121h00s

    The Alabama Crimson Tide begins a tough, 5 game slog of SEC opponents this weekend with Arkansas. Alabama will dominate and here's why.We also talk about the challenges of TAMU and Tennessee as the hard SEC schedule continues for the Tide. Will they win them all and if they do will they look like the dominated team from last year?

  • Auburn Has A Path To The SEC Championship Game

    30/09/2016 Duración: 709h00s

    With the Auburn win over LSU and some changes on the offense there is new life in this Auburn Tiger team. There is still a lot for these kids to play for as well. Including an outside shot at playing for the SEC championship.We look at Auburn season, what reasonable expectations are for this team, and that path to the SEC Championship in Atlanta.

  • What Upcoming SEC Game Could Alabama Lose

    30/09/2016 Duración: 898h00s

    Alabama has six SEC games back to back. It could be the toughest schedule in the SEC right now. How can Alabama make it though all six games without a loss?With opponents like Arkansas and Texas A&M still on the schedule it's still possible they could lose one game. What is the biggest danger facing the Tide?

  • Is Alabama Going To Have A Championship Season

    23/09/2016 Duración: 991h00s

    The Alabama Crimson Tide has looked great this season. But they have sputtered at times as well. It's time to look ahead to Alabama's Championship chances.How much different is this Alabama Crimson Tide Football team that what we imagined it would be in the week before opening kickoff. It's a far cry from what most envisioned. The question is, do they have what it takes to make a run at another National Championship this year?Subscribe on iTunes and Google Play Store at the links below.iTunes Play Store

  • Gus Malzahns Future With Auburn

    23/09/2016 Duración: 1101h00s

    Gus Malzahn is on the hot seat at Auburn. As the Auburn Tigers get set to face LSU on the plains this weekend there are larger questions to be answered than wins and losses.Can Gus Malzahn survive another loss at home to an SEC team? Will he survive the season. To be sure there is plenty of talent on this Auburn team and they have the potential to turn everything around and make all of this talk a thing of the past. We will find out this Saturday in Jordan-Hare StadiumSubscribe on iTunes and Google Play Store at the links below.iTunes Play Store

  • 3 Changes Auburn Will Make Vs Arkansas State

    08/09/2016 Duración: 824h00s

    Auburn had a rough opening weekend in their loss to Clemson. Here are 3 things they will fix this week.The Auburn offense had plenty of issues and still had a chance to win the game vs Clemson. There are some things that can be fixed to get this team on track to have a great season. With the best defense in years, the Auburn Tigers are looking to fix what's broken on offense and put week one behind them.Subscribe on iTunes and Google Play Store at the links below.iTunes Play Store

  • 3 Things Bama Will Improve vs Western Kentucky

    08/09/2016 Duración: 716h00s

    The Alabama Crimson Tide humiliated USC in week one but they weren't perfect. Here are things that will be improved in week two.The reason Alabama is such a dominating force in college football is that they don't judge themselves by last weeks score. Their only competition is an internal one. Did we do the best we could at every position on every down. If the answer is no, they get to work fixing those issues immediately. Subscribe on iTunes and Google Play Store at the links below.iTunes Play Store

  • Auburn vs Clemson And Iron Bowl Wager

    01/09/2016 Duración: 992h00s

    It's time for Auburn football once again! This weekend the Auburn Tigers will be taking on Clemson on the plains. Brett and Jamie preview the game and how could get a big upset win.Detailed scouting report on Clemson, a look at the Auburn offense, defense, and special teams plus score prediction. And then Brett and Jamie make their annual Iron Bowl wager and this year it is epic!

  • Alabama vs USC And Iron Bowl Wager

    01/09/2016 Duración: 1179h00s

    It's time for Alabama football once again! This weekend the Alabama Crimson Tide will be taking on USC in Cowboys Stadium. Brett and Jamie preview the game and how Alabama will win.Detailed scouting report on USC, a look at the Alabama offense, defense, and special teams plus score prediction. And then Brett and Jamie make their annual Iron Bowl wager and this year it is epic!

  • Breaking Down Alabama's Offensive Game Plan For 2016

    25/08/2016 Duración: 1023h00s

    The 2016 season should be exciting for the Alabama Crimson Tide and it's fans. We will be getting a look at a brand new quarterback and a new running back. A lot of things are up in the air on offense for the Crimson Tide this year.So what will the offense look like for Bama? Brett and Jamie break down the offensive weapon and take a look to opening game day weekend at what kind of offense we will see from this Alabama Crimson Tide Team.Subscribe on iTunes and Google Play Store at the links below.iTunes Play Store

  • Why Auburn Will Silence The Doubters This Season

    25/08/2016 Duración: 991h00s

    The SEC talking heads do not like the Auburn Tigers this season. On SEC now this week they predicted Auburn will go 6-6 on the year. On the other hand, Herbstreit has them as his sleeper pick to win the SEC. Is this Auburn team capable of surprising everyone this year?Brett and Jamie take an honest look at every position on the field and try to predict what kind of season we could see from these Auburn Tigers. Can the silence all of the doubters and if so, how will they do it. What do we see on this Auburn team that everyone else is missing?Subscribe on iTunes and Google Play Store at the links below.iTunes Play Store

  • The Starting QB For Alabama Is

    20/08/2016 Duración: 1010h00s

    Who is the starting Quarterback for the Alabama Crimson Tide this year? Could this be the first time Nick Saban starts a true freshman for the tide?The QB battle continues between Jalen Hurts, Blake Barnett, and Cooper Bateman. Jamie Thomas breaks down why Jalen Hurts could be the starter and what that would mean for the Bama offense this year.Subscribe on iTunes and Google Play Store at the links below.iTunes Play Store

  • What Will Auburns Offense Look Like Now

    05/08/2016 Duración: 1263h00s

    The Auburn Tigers have a lot of decisions to make on offense before the start of the 2016 season. With the release of Javon Robinson the Tigers find themselves with no backfield and no experienced options for that position.Kerryon Johnson had 52 carries last year is the only back with experience in a college game much less the SEC. Kameron Martin is a speedy and talented played coming over to the plains following the Baylor fallout this year. But he's never touched the ball in a college game. And of course there is freshman Malik Miller who Auburn probably planned on red shirting this year. But now he could very well see some time on the field.Finally there is halfback Kamryn Pettway who did spend about 25 of his spring practice time lining up in the backfield. He could be a potential bruiser always good for 3 or 4 yards at a time. But that remains to be seen.You can subscribe to the show on iTunes and Google play below.iTunes P

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