Jared And Michi Snacking



Jared and Michi take a break from it all and eat a snack. Pump up the Jams!


  • Episode 5- String Cheese


    In this episode we dive into the dairy product territory with Cheese Sticks, a perfect compliment to our previous Grape episode.

  • Episode 4- Grapes


    In this episode we pump up some healthy JAMS with grapes and try to settle the color nomenclature debate on grapes

  • Episode 3- Cheetos


    A two-fer in this one folks.  We have Cheetos Crunchy and Cheetos Puffs for our third foray into the snack world.

  • Episode 2- Wheat Thins


    Folks!  We made it back for another episode of JAMS!  This time we venture on the healthy side of the snack spectrum with... Wheat Thins.  Pump Up the JAMS!

  • Episode 1- Cheez-It


    Folks Folks Folks Folks Folks.  You're favorite podcasters are back with a brand new, snack themed, show! And we kick it off with a classic, Cheez-it!