On Mindset With Dj Bounz



A project/podcast hybrid of both documentary and interview. Exploring the creative process, challenges and mindset of artists in entertainment. Hosted by DJ/Producer Matthew Naderi (DJ Bounz).


  • Ep 9 - DJ Kutcorners: Serato, Live Evil and Performance

    12/08/2018 Duración: 49min

    DJ Kutcorners: Matt Perry aka DJ Kutcorners (IG: @ kutcorners) is an talented dj and producer originally from New Zealand. Matt is usually running back and forth from Vancouver to Los Angeles and everywhere in between. Currently he is running artist relations for the digital dj titan Serato. Matt shares his background into music, his collective Live Evil and we also explore this start and future with Serato. Tons of information and tips for professional djs as well as music enthusiasts. Topics Mentioned: — Musical Background — Collective Project "Live Evil" — Start with Serato — How to push your dj performance a little more — Thinking about the future outside of Dj’ing — Start and History of Serato — Misconceptions of Serato — Scratch Live to Serato DJ Transition

  • Ep. 8 - Michael Mayeda: Production tips, Keyboard Vibes and Star Wars

    16/02/2017 Duración: 01h01min

    Well known for his for his highly praised club remixes exclusively released on the record pool DJ City, Michael Mayeda is a musician and producer based in Los Angeles California. If this is your first time hearing the name Michael Mayeda, chances are you might have already heard his work. Mayeda has an impressive portfolio of music credits that have appeared on tv networks like NBC, and even to the bigger screen with placements on movies like Seth Rogen’s “Neighbors 2” and Marvel’s “Ant-Man”. Despite Mayeda's successful work in music production, his talents go far beyond that. He is also an acclaimed club dj and turntables. Mayeda has recently put forth another talent of his where he is combining visual content along with his production. In his new video series "KEYBOARD VIBES," he will be performing original chilled trap beats and samples, accompanied with melodic chords and melodies. His recent project, Scratch Wars Ep.1 “Power of the Darkside”, has made a lot of noise as he produced, performed and pa

  • Ep. 7 - DJ Konflikt: Music as Discotech, traveling tips and work ethic

    02/02/2017 Duración: 01h02min

    Konflikt is a dj and producer from Miami Florida. When he’s not producing original and remixed music as Discotech alongside DJ Joe Maz, he is dj’ing at some of the most elite night clubs around the country. He has dj’d for some of the biggest celebrity artists from Drake and Usher to John Legend, Katy Perry and Pitbull. In our discussion Konflikt shares his story from dj’ing private AOL parties at his house as a kid, to now traveling the world dj’ing for a living. We speak about how he prepares for a gig, what a typical weekend looks like djing from club to club, city to city and a lot more. You can keep up with DJ Konflikt on all Social Networks as @ MyFavoriteDJ. "If you're willing to take the C in whatever you're doing, that shit's not for you. Figure out what you want to do an A in and go do that." - DJ Konflikt Topics / Subjects Mentioned - The Rich Group - Traveling Tips - Napster to Switzerland - The History and Now of Discotech - Work Prep - Weekly Routines - Goals / The Future - Financial Tips