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  • Ep. 411 - NGSC Sports Radio Week 9 NGSC Sports Monday Night Mixdown with Rich Van Tassel


    Rich gives us his pick for the game tonight between the Dallas Cowboys and the NY Giants. Listen in to see what he thinks about the teams and how the game may go.

  • The Only Show That Matters - Episode 18: 12/15/15


    This week the Heartthrob is still bitching about his computer issues, discusses why Xmas music is cool but the rest of it is bullsh#t, getting a cab in Yonkers, why the idiot receiver on the Giants is an idiot and gives you the low down on College and NFL picks against the spread for this week.

  • Earnestly Speaking Podcast - Anthony Irwin: 12/21/15


    The Blogger/Podcaster of Silver Screen and Roll joins the show to discuss, Star Wars, the disastrous season of the Lakers, whether Byron Scott will survive this season, Kobe Bryantâ??s farewell tour, surprising and disappointing teams of this NBA season, the awesomeness of the Dan LeBatard show, and the state of sports media today.

  • Draft Central: 12/17/15


    Another episode with Josh and Montel with all their draft talk.

  • What's Good Radio: NBA and (BAD) movie talk w/ Zach Harper


    Jake Stanley welcomes Zach Harper (CBSSports' "Eye on Basketball") on the show to talk about his love of bad films, growing up a Minnesota Timberwolves fan in Sacramento, and why Dwayne Johnson, not Ronda Rousey, should star in the "Road House" remake!

  • NGSC West Recess: 12/17/15


    Join Raider Rome, Josh Matson, The Sandman, and Kurt Nelson as we discuss the Golden State Warriors, NFL, and give predictions for this week games. We also have Matt Dulcan the fantasy football guru who comes in and drops some knowledge.

  • Earnestly Speaking Podcast - The Student Of The Game Report: 12/16/15


    EJ is joined by Kyle Nash (aka. The Student Of The Game) to discuss whether the Broncos should start Peyton Manning or Brock Osweiler, if the Bengals can survive without Andy Dalton, whether Odell Beckham Jr. is a top 3 wide receiver in the NFL, the NFC East pulse and dissecting the current playoff picture in the NFL.

  • Flying Elvis Faithful: 12/15/15


    Join Shaq, John, and Josh as we recap the New England Patriots win over the Houston Texans and look ahead to the game with the Tennessee Titans, with CEO Ralph Garcia.

  • The Only Show That Matters - Episode 17: 12/15/15


    After a week off, the Heartthrob - G.W. Gras is back and he opens the show explaining why Apple sucks (but he won't leave them either), holiday dinners and general nonsense for the first portion of the show. After the nonsense, Joe Wedra comes into the frame to discuss the up coming NFL and College Football Weekend.

  • The Student of the Game


    The SoTG, Weasel and Chris deliver NFL Week 14. It is awesome to behold.

  • Blackhole Brigade: 12/12/15


    Rome and Jim break down the frustrating loss vs the Chiefs along with previewing the big game vs Denver along with a little NBA update about the undefeated Warriors for our Oakland listeners.

  • Baseball, Beer and BBQ: 12/12/15


    On this episode of Baseball Beer & BBQ, Todd Vandenberg, Ted Hicks and Lee Vowell discuss the latest Major League Baseball Hot Stove news and baseball's Winter Meetings with guest Wick Terrell of SB Nation's Red Reporter site. Enjoy!

  • In The Batter's Box: 12/11/15


    Join Ralph, John and Chris as they give you the MLB Winter Meetings and all that transpired in Nashville this past week. We will talk Jason Heyward to the Cubs and the netting issues still haunting baseball. We never stop.

  • Earnestly Speaking Podcast - Gee W. Gras: 12/11/15


    The media personality/writer at NGSC Sports and host of 'The Only Show That Matters' podcast Gee W. Gras (aka. Gee Steelio) joins the show to discuss his new book, his favorite podcasts to listen, reaction to Billboard's recent top 10 all time hip hop artist list, Scott Weliand's death aftermath, his historic beef with New York sports and its fans, why he dislikes Stephen Curry and the rest of the Curry family, his thoughts on Donald Trump, and why the Chicago Bears are going in the right direction.

  • Earnestly Speaking Podcast - Bonta Hill: 12/11/15


    The media personality at KNBR in San Francisco and the co-host/producer of The Versus Podcast joins the show to discuss the Golden State Warriors and their historic 23-0 start to the season. The guys discuss (if) when they will actually lose a game and whether anyone in the Western Conference is a serious challenger. Plus thoughts and opinions on Ayesha Curry's recent tweet that sent shock waves and the dysfunction within the San Francisco 49ers.

  • NGSC West Recess: 12/9/15


    In this episode of the NGSC West Recess Jerome and Josh take a look at the NCAA Playoffs and Bowl Games, West Coast NFL results from the past week, and our predictions for the NFL week ahead. We also bring in our weekly fantasy football guru Matt Dulcan @3rDownDotCom who lays down the knowledge.

  • What's Good Radio: New York Knicks Talk w/The Angry Knicks Fan!


    Jake Stanley welcomes special guest Eugene Faison (@fasho2k), aka "The Angry Knicks Fan" on the show! We talk Kristaps Porzingis as a possible ROY, Phil Jackson's plan for the future and if that plan includes Carmelo Anthony!

  • Flying Elvis Faithful: 12/8/15


    Join Shaq, Josh, and John as we break down the New England Patriots performance against the Philadelphia Eagles, and we talk a little Deflategate and look ahead to the matchup with the Houston Texans.

  • Earnestly Speaking Podcast - The Student Of The Game Report: 12/8/15


    EJ and Kyle Nash aka. The Student Of The Game discuss the Panthers unbeaten season, whether the Seahawks are back, if its time for Tom Coughlin to hang it up and whether the Patriots should panic after 2 straight losses. Plus a look at the current playoff picture.

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